Need for Speed 2015 PC Game Free Download

Need for Speed 2015 PC Game Free Download

Need for Speed 2015 is the newest game from the popular NFS series racing games. Need for Speed 2015 (NFS 2015) is based on open world racing and is out as free download full pc game. This new released has totally changed the way NFS was played before because it has added open world now. NFS 2015 was developed by Electronic Arts (EA). Need for Speed 2015 pc game free download has many new gameplay modes including Singleplayer (Story) and online (multiplayer), which is a step above for NFS. This game also returns some of the features that were available in NFS undercover and enhanced them. 

The all new Need for speed 2015 version has all the updated list of sports car which can be chosen. The customization system has been updated and has a new interface which NFS had the same for all of its title same for 5 years. The maps for the open world gameplay have become more big and more cities have been added for extra entertainment and fun. The GFX engine used in this title is called 'frostbite' that gives excellent performance and high definition graphics. There are big company shops as well in the game that come from real-life world that are SEIBON and RTR Mustang. Below are some of the NFS games you may like to play for free.

Gameplay of Need for Speed 2015

The whole gameplay, maps is based in Los Angeles; there are also places that can be unlocked by completing milestones. There will be a newer version of this game release in 2016 for Windows which is said to have different graphics, storyline and more. Need for Speed 2015 has a progression system which was also in 'The Crew' it helps in for the player to keep track of the races and objectives that were done successfully. NFS requires an internet connection and a decent amount of space on your PC to be fully installed and read to play. 

Need for Speed 2015 Free Download PC Game

NFS-2015 brings back old country side roads which were seen the last time in Need for Speed 2 SE. Auto saving of progress is also integrated in NFS now and it can save your data on its own EA cloud storage. There are also other versions of NFS that is called 'Wanted' released back in 2012. Need for Speed first came out as a beta release but is out as a full game and has its own official DLC files that can be installed on top of the game for more features. 

Need for Speed 2015 System Hardware Requirements

  1. Processor: Intel or AMD
  2. Speed: 2.4 GHz or above
  3. VGA: Nvidia or ATi at 512 MB HD
  4. RAM: 4 GB 
  5. Disk Space: 20 GB depending on game setup
  6. Internet for connection to EA servers at NFS

Download Need for Speed 2015 PC Game Setup Details

Licensing is as free to play / trial
Price: $5
Developers are the EA and Ghost
Platform is PC / Windows

Download Need for Speed 2015 For Free


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