Need For Speed 2 SE Free PC Download

Need For Speed 2 Se Free Download PC Game

Need for Speed 2 SE is a Microsoft windows racing game free to download as full version on PC, PlayStation and Xbox also the game was released by EA electronic arts. The game was released in 1997 as a racing simulator and a new game title came out and the game was highly appreciated by the public all over the world too much the game has no high gaming requirements like you need high-end specs to play the game on your gaming platform or your personal computer.

Need for speed was released after NFS 1 its previous release wasn't that much popular because it's graphics were not that much high detailed and there were not that many objectives and missions for the racers to complete in the game as well as there were not that much racing laps and rounds and cars were old model cars of the time but the new release NFS II SE has new up model cars and new rounds and laps have been upgraded and new race's and cars have been added.

Review and Gameplay of NFS 2: SE

The game was developed and released published in America after that it came to Europe and then to Asia and the other Countries The game was only available for to be buy from shops you couldn't download the game of their official website at that time because the internet in the 90's was really slow so what people did they went and bought it from their local game shop in the town or order the CD to their home and install and play it on the PC as much they want.


There have been various other cars added that are HD and look like you are racing in real life with cars. There have been mods and updates released which include cheat codes that you can use to unlock certain vehicles. These vehicles are faster than the ones you can drive already in NFS 2 SE, but look more beautiful as well! As this game is now released with better visuals you will need to update your DirectX so that there are no missing files and errors while playing. Have fun :)

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Free Download Need for speed 2 Se pc game

Download Need for speed 2 se game full version

Need for Speed 2 II Se

System Requirements

  1. CPU: Intel Pentium 3 or better
  2. RAM: 128 MB 
  3. VGA: 16 MB 
  4. HD: 500 MB
  5. OS: Windows 7

Download Need for Speed 2 SE 2016 PC Game

  • The release has been updated.
  • New maps and laps were added by developers.
  • Game setup has been compressed to take up less space!
  • More patches and cars have been added by EA.
Need for speed 2 SE pc game download free


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