InPage Urdu 2013 Free Download Setup (Updated)

InPage Urdu 2013 free download as the full version is a software for windows that the program is a type of design in layout style for multiple languages and writing, for example, Urdu, Pashto, Persian. The software is entirely free to download from its developer they released it for free. This program has become so popular that every office has it now and people work on it because they can write and type a different kind of languages very quickly with it. The software supports many different types of design and style in writing you can also print your file out the software has an option in it to print your work out easily fast and secure. The program is a lite application doesn't use a lot of memory.

Download InPage Urdu 2013 Free for PC

The developer's primary goal was to give Pakistani and Indian people a chance to use software that could help them out really when they need help instead of doing hours of work in just minutes quickly type fast on the keyboard and print it out with a printer. The software is similar to Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 2014 some functions are like them, but the layout and style are entirely different from Microsoft Office. MS Office doesn't support multiple different languages, but in page Urdu, does the job excellently and has a more easy interface then office.Users find it more comfortable on the in page more than that because it has the very simple user interface.

Features of InPage Software

  1. Easy to use and has an upgraded GUI.
  2. New fonts have been added, and backward compatibility with InPage 2009 Professional is supported!
  3. The new typeface for Urdu and Punjabi has been added along with exporting feature.
  4. Comes with a built-in Android keyboard that will allow you to type in Urdu on your smartphone.
  5. Works on all 32-bit and 64-bit environments of Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Other InPage Releases and Builds

InPage Urdu 2013 Setup File Details

  • License: Freeware
  • Developer: InPage
  • Size: 5.50mb
  • Version: 2013 - Updated!
  • Update: This package has been updated with the latest files and documents. 

Inpage urdu 2013 full version download


Urdu InPage 2009 Professional Software Free Download (Updated)

Urdu InPage 2009 Professional is now publically available as free download for installation and setup. Support for all Windows versions including 10 is added! InPage can now also be downloaded for Android with the keyboards app. The developer team is always up and bringing new features to the relatively old program. It also includes version 3.0.5 along with compatibility for x86 and x64 environments. All the offline and standalone setup files have been updated to the latest version. Newer and stylish fonts with modern looks were added, and more language features for Urdu and Punjabi writing was added. 

Many Arabic words were added and new user interfaces with easier to navigate buttons and menus. It has all the Arabic alphabets. Urdu InPage Professional 2009 also allows you to save documents as PDF or HTML pages so that they can be uploaded on the web. You can install InPage very easily and it only needs to have minimum specifications to work. InPage 2016 and InPage 2017 are the newest releases that bring lots of more goodies to the app for PC. There is a challenge always as you will first need to learn how to use this software. It is not built for everyone as there are many aspects that you will need to learn.

Urdu InPage 2009 Professional Download Version 3.0.5

  • Exporting InPage from old releases to new is now possible. 
  • Documents created in it can also be edited, viewed and protected in InPage Urdu 2013.
  • You can add notes to the header or footer depending on your choice.
  • You can resize text size make it bold, italic or underline.
  • Muhammad Quranic font is now added, great!
  • You have access to over 50 Unicode fonts that are Naskh.
  • The Quran Publishing System has also been integrated.
  • The choice to pick from hundreds of different typefaces. 
  • Can be used for making all kinds of newspapers and magazines. 
Download Urdu InPage 2009 Professional Free

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Urdu InPage 2009 Professional Setup Information

  • Version: 2009 - Updated.
  • Developer: Concept Software.
  • Package: Full Version.
  • File name: Urdu-InPage-Professional-2009-setup.exe

Urdu InPage 2009 Professional Setup Download Free


AVG 2015 Antivirus Free Version Download

AVG 2017 Antivirus is the most advanced computer data protection software that is out there in the world of equipment it has more feature and options and protects your computer at its best from any other computer security software. The company is famous nowadays because it has made enormous progress and its antivirus program is on the top list of people who have computers they say they never had problems in their computer from when they installed this software.

AVG 2017 Software Details

It has a really user friendly (GUI) graphical user interface and it's real to use it has two modes one is basic mode, and one is professional mod in primary mode it makes itself as easy as possible by displaying all the features and buttons it has easily and in working mode it has everything in standard settings. This software is so advanced that it updates automatically to the newest database of options and new features.More software is like this examples are VLC Media PlayerAdobe Photoshop cs6, Urdu Inpage 2009, Microsoft Windows 10.

2015 AVG antivirus free download

Software details for Download

  1. License: free / trial setup is provided for downloading.
  2. Size: N/A
  3. Developer: AVG.
  4. Version: 2017.

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The new software protects you from cyber threats and all types of new viruses that may harm your computer in anyway. This is an updated version latest from 2017 to provide you all of the tools and security you need!

You will be able to do the installation on x86 and x64 systems as well. Linux and Android APK support have also been added to give you maximum compatibility around all platforms. 


Download Hotspot Shield Elite 2017 Full Version Free

Hotspot Shield Elite 2017 Free Download Full Version for Windows. This VPN software was developed and released by Anchor the program is a virtual private proxy server which changes the Internet address of your computer and changes the location from where you are accessing your PC.

This software protects your data to be stolen from the web from local internet connections, and free internet connection's to which you connect outside when you are traveling, and it encrypts all the data which flows from your computer to the server.

Hotspot Shield Elite 2017 New Features

The new proxy tool allows you to bypass any firewall or filters. Apart from just keeping you guys anonymous it also gives you added security against spammers and hackers. It works as an extra layer of protection to your antivirus. You should try the following security applications including Bitdefender Total Security 2016, USB Flash Drive Security, Avast Antivirus 2017 Setup, and Avira. There is a built-in web browser that is highly secure against attacks. It gives you added malware protection when surfing the web! Yes, it's that good. Hotspot Shield Elite or Premium has received many significant awards by very known people in keeping their privacy secure. 

Download Hotspot Shield 2017 Elite Free

You can do a lot of specialized capabilities with this including the ability to allow you access to multiple websites that might be blocked in your country such as:
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
The UI is very friendly and supports both 32-bit and 64-bt or / x86 / x64 environments. The setup file is Pro and can be activated. It is also supported on Android devices, and an APK file is to be installed which will fully give you access to it. The elite premium can charge you monthly or even yearly based on subscriptions. Enjoy the VPN!

Download Hotspot Shield Elite 2017 Free for PC

  • Version: Newest
  • License: Free
  • Size: N/A 
  • Update: Latest as of 2017 has been added!
  • Developer: AnchorFree
Hotspot Shield Elite 2017 Software Download Free


American Truck Simulator 2016 Game Free Download

Download American Truck Simulator 2016 Free PC Game is officially out and released. This is one of the big releases SCS software did since last year. American Truck Simulator 2016 works on all versions of Windows, and it also supports the multiplayer feature. The developer has now made various changes to the new title along with multiplayer modes which were not available in the previous version. You can now play and drive with other truckers from around the globe on all different platforms such as PS4, PS3, Xbox One and PC.

There have been many changes to the entire gameplay of American Trucker the simulation since the past years when it was first introduced way back in 2013. Players can now save their progress on the cloud like other popular simulation games allow you to do so you do not lose your data. It's previous released was the American Truck Simulator 2015 that is still available to play as a demo for free. The graphics have also developed and become HD with real-life like 3D effects in maps and roads. More is to come by updates and patches that are bringing fixes to some minor early release bugs. 

American Truck Simulator 2016 PC Gameplay

It is one of the most played games in the United States of America after '18 wheels of steel' because of the roads and maps are based in California, Arizona, USA, Canada, Mexico and Texas. You can also add extra features as well manually by downloading DLC. It has support for different operating systems as well for a game such as x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64 bit). The game engine allows you to connect USB game controllers that are specially made for such truck driving simulation games, I.e. Steering wheel that attaches at the back of PC. 

American Truck Simulator 2016 Game Free Download

As you all may now all games require an internet connection these days to even launch but this one doesn't! It has over 150 different places where you can drive your truck. There are also rules and regulations a driver has to follow to stay safe and not get a penalty or else the mission will fail, and a retry will be needed. Some places are locked and only get unlocked after achieving some milestones. All of the above it may come to smartphones which will be an App to see your rankings and the trucks that you own are also customizable. For example, you can change tires, paint and add body kits. 

System Hardware Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Pentium Quad Core or AMD 
  • RAM: 4 GB minimum 
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX or Radeon HD series
  • OS: Any version of Microsoft Windows is supported
  • Disk Space: 10 GB for ISO setup
Note: This is not a full version it is only a trial which works for 30 days. If you want the entire game, please purchase it. 

Update: SCS has released the latest American Truck Simulator 2017 Game for PC

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American Truck Simulator 2016 PC Game Download Info

Build / Version: 2016 
Size: 14.6 GB
Can be played on any gaming platform
Author / Source: SCS Software

Free download american truck simulator 2016 full version
American Truck Simulator 2015 PC Game Free Download

American Truck Simulator 2015 PC Game has now been released and is available for free download for windows. American Truck Simulator 2015 is one of the first games developed for PC which support Simulation of the latest truck models. American Trucker Simulation 2015 can be downloaded for free and installed on PC or Windows. This excellent piece of computer video game is the first to feature real life weather systems.

America is very well known for driving trucks games which are known today as simulators. Players can use singleplayer and multiplayer modes while driving the (American Trucker The Simulation) vehicles. The famous companies of the trucks are Ford, Volvo, and Kenworth T680. The game has been waited for a long time to come out in the public after demos and trials were released, and it finally went out in 2015.

Download Free American Truck Simulator 2015 Game

American Truck Simulator 2015 PC Gameplay:

The United States of America is famous in the truck driving industry because of its past with vehicles and transport. American Trucker Simulator 2015 supports two modes which are singleplayer career and an online mode like in Forza Horizon 2. Such games are valued a lot by different kinds of people because they can learn how to drive a truck and much more. 

The American Truck Industry has been growing every year, and more and more public is showing their interest in this area. So the developers SCS Software started to develop simulators of different realistic vehicles like Euro Truck Simulator 2 etc. This awesome video game supports HD 4K and 5K display resolutions. Happy Gaming Pals! :>

Because of the enormous success of this title SCS has released its successor American Truck Simulator 2016 which is a much improved and new version of it. There us more than what just meets the eye, the last year's released was famous for crashing lots of times and annoying players as the online servers were mainly offline and players had no place to play!

American Truck Simulator 2015 PC Download For Free

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System Requirements for American Truck Simulation 2015:

  • CPU: Intel Celeron 2.6 GHz
  • RAM Memory: 4 GB
  • Free Space: 20 GB
  • VGA/Graphics: Nvidia / ATi Radeon or GTX

American Trucker Simulation 2015 Full Download Details:

License: Demo/Trial
Developer: SCS
Platform is only PC - Windows
Priced at $13.99
Free Download American Truck Simulator 2015