IPL Cricket 2015 PC Game Free Download

IPL cricket 2015 pc game download is a sports simulation game that was developed and released by ea games. The game is based on matches like T20, World cups, DLF and more. All modes and the matches are playable and don't require any kind of restrictions to play or start the game. It holds the latest cricket match pack inside it which comes including this game and a lot other full version game of the games are available but at the moment we have only this one which is the best we strongly recommend you guys to play IPL DLF cricket game of the year 2015 because it's simply the best simulation game that you have had played till date and we can guarantee that because of the reasons which we are just going to display below in a minute.

This game is really attractive to have the main thing is that Indian Premier League is only played in that country because it was developed by them this kind of match was only developed by them. It has really high-quality graphics which makes the ground and the players look almost like they are true and not just a game of cricket IPL being played. There are also other game modes which can be played like T20 matches and tournaments in the game schedule and fixtures are also added this time the new IPL game 2015 is bug free and has all the new players which qualified this year to player cricket on an international level have been added so people can select them and play the game saves data automatically.

Gameplay of IPL Cricket 2015

Indians are really good cricket players as well as European teams and Asian teams which play this sport. There will be a big crowd of people on the other side of you standing which will watch how you play and cheer for you in the game. The game can be played on almost every kind of computer system. It has graphics engine which optimizes your graphics processing unit to play the game on the settings you want and will not require any further of installation of some other software to play. There have been also released some other games which are older than this release because this release has been released in 2015 cricket. A good example of games which have been released by EA as well include Cricket IPL 2014 and DLF Cricket 2015.

Indian Premier League IPL Cricket 2015 PC

The game as you are seeing in the above screenshot picture and image the looks is amazing see how much graphical powerful and attractive is this game. Look there is a referee standing there which looks if there is a foul or someone is breaking the rules there are 2 players standing one on the front and second in the back near the referee. and the other indicators on the screen show the fielding where the other teams player are standing to defend the boundary so that other team doesn't score or win the match. The score of the other team the run rate and weather is also shown on the screen so the players knows how should he play the ball when he is given the ball to play, at a conclusion we end that the game is really good.

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Cricket IPL 2015 PC Game Details

  1. License: Free to play and download.
  2. Version: Updated.
  3. Type: Sports
  4. Platform: Windows 7 / Windows 8
  5. Developer: EA 

IPL Cricket 2015 PC Game Full Version Download


Get Microsoft Office Word 2017 Free Setup. Word processing, viewing documents and editing them in this era has become essential for every type of person. It works perfectly fine for everyone including for home, business and student. As now everything is in the cloud it can be accessed from anywhere and you can edit them on the go.

It comes in various formats including offline installer that does not require you to have an internet connection to be downloaded! It is also available for Android, iPhone, iPad and Linux devices but this one is primarily for Microsoft Windows. There has been a tone of improvements along with introduction of a couple new handy features to make your life much easier.

Microsoft Office Word 2017 Software Overview

Microsoft introduced a lot of readability and writing enhancements. Easy reading mode is now being added which makes text look bigger on certain areas of the screen be it a laptop, tablet or desktop. Easy writing also made it easier for you to write word processed documents in different tabs and work on them simultaneously on the same time, saving you more time and increasing productivity. MS Office Word is fully based in the cloud using OneDrive service that gives you 1 TB of storage for free to use and save a backup of your documents in case you need to access them from some different place or home for instance. 

Microsoft Office Word 2017 Free Download

Features of Microsoft Office Word 2017

The great thing about this new release is that it keeps you on track with all of your documents and you can start back editing your word documents from where you left! We all love such office tools that save you a lot of work in case you accidentally delete them or it gets lost. It also makes sure that all the recently created doc files are in one place you can quick access them. 

It is also very social because now it is capable of allowing business users to share their work from OneDrive and or even SharePoint just like in Microsoft Office 2017 that has just been launched. This way all of the users or employees will have access to be able to delete or add new information to the files.
  • Allows you to work together as a team and edit documents and share them with each other.
  • Over 50% of the world IT based businesses use "Microsoft Word" as their default word processing tool.
  • It gives your documents a highly professional look because now you can add charts, graphs, images, videos and much more.
  • Now it can also edit, view and open PDF documents, amazing!
  • Works on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and is compatible with them very easily.
Microsoft Office 2017 Word 2017 Full Version Setup

Recommended Office Suites from Microsoft:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium III or IV.
  • RAM: 1 GB memory.
  • Graphics: 32 or 64 MB integrated and dedicated.
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, Windows 8.1 or 10.
  • Internet is required for cloud storage access and remote working.

Download Microsoft Office Word 2017

Such a great piece of tool that Microsoft has created so why not try downloading office word 2017 and see how you go along with it. 
  • License: Trial (30 days).
  • Version: Latest.
  • Price: Monthly packages available starting from $3.99.
  • Developer and authors: Microsoft Corporation.
MS Office Word 2017 Download


The next is starting with lots of good software releases and one of them will be Microsoft Office 2017 ISO that will be available for free download. This is the new MS productivity suite from the biggest company that made Microsoft Windows. It also comes in an offline installer and full version which will need to be purchased in order to access all the features.

This new version is totally inspired to work in the cloud platform. Also it has all the popular tools that you used to have before in office 2016. This is a setup file that can installed on both 32 and 64 bit environments as it is really compatible. This comes in three different variants that are Home, Professional and Student edition.

Microsoft (MS) Office 2017 ISO Professional Free Download

MS Office 2017 ISO comes with all of the good things you had before such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. This is the next generation of business apps and one of them is going to be Office Online. There are many other similar versions which you may like which include Office 2003, Office 2010 Professional, Office 2007 and Office 2015

We all have at least once lost our data or got it corrupted while doing our school or college work but now you don't need to worry about it because it has a built in data protection option. There is also a bright side because all of these are available for smartphones as well and not just Windows PCs, it is supported on Android and iPhone devices.

Features of Microsoft (MS) Office 2017 ISO

This year they have gone all out as there are lots of customization features that you can apply to the new office 2017. Users can now also change the theme in Professional Plus edition that comes with many tools such as the option to back up your important files into the Microsoft cloud. This new software can now also read and edit PDF files which was not available in any other version of this product. 

Office 2017 Features and Download

This the major updated after Office 2014 which had a demo of cloud platforms and introduced this concept. It also supports the latest operating system which is Windows 10. It is easy to learn because there are so many forums and communities that can teach you how to use office.
  1. Easy to install as it comes with a standalone setup installer.
  2. Works across x86 and x64 platforms.
  3. There is Home Edition for basic use and then there is Professional for businesses.
  4. Supported on MAC OSX.
  5. New and freshly designed interface for different screens.
  6. More charts and templates to choose from.
  7. Supports over a 100 languages.
  8. Introduces Insights that are powered via Bing search engine.

System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Pentium III, IV or Quad Core.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Hard disk space: 2.5 GB.
  • VGA: Intel HD or Nvidia GeForce 32 MB memory.
  • OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
  • Internet may be required for downloading updates and patches.

Download Microsoft Office 2017 ISO Free Full Version

Owners / Authors: MS.
Package: Trial which is free but expires after 30 days of usage.
Price: Depends on seller and has not yet been confirmed.
Setup type: ISO file.
Platform / Devices: PC.

MS Office 2017 ISO Full Version Download


ICC Cricket Test Series now have started in 2016 and they have lots of teams joined. Now developers have decided to create a PC game that you can Free Download for your PC. It features new layouts, patches, DLCs and maps that massively improve user experience. It comes with loads of improvements for Microsoft Windows and you can play cricket ICC in HD! Are you a real cricket fanatic? If yes, then you need to get this title and try it out on your computer. Also if you are looking for something similar than go for Cricket Captain

ICC Cricket Test Series 2016 Game Free Download

Gameplay of ICC Cricket Test Series 2016

A lot of new modes were introduced in this cricket simulation game that was made in sponsorship with International Cricket Council. Playing cricket ICC games is very easy especially in this year as new cricketers from EA sports and popular Asian countries were added. Other platforms are also going to be supported including Consoles, Android and iOS. As it comes in a compressed setup and full version it does require to be purchased, and the fun part is that it does not require lots of space for installation. Also it can be played online as there are many servers that you can join and create custom matches to play with just like in Asia Cup T20.

ICC Cricket Test Series 2016 Free Download for PC

Cricket ICC Test Series Games for PC

Many players have asked us that why do other cricket related tournaments like IPL, DLF and T20 have such features? The answer is that it is not very easy to make such a unique title. Below is a huge list that covers everything which you will be able to get when it has been once downloaded on your system:

  • Intensive gameplay with view from multiple angles.
  • Allows you to save progress anywhere be it a USB drive.
  • Comes with multiple campaigns to choose from.
  • Allows you to adjust settings such as sound, video and controls to your personal preference.
  • The headquarters of ICC is also located in this test series game.
  • Has been developed with the latest game engine with real life like visuals and effects.
  • Also has help screens and videos that can teach you how to play bat and bowl like in IPL 2014.
  • Such 3D and 2D cricket series do not require high end specifications to play and are easily understandable.

Related Cricket Games for Windows

  • CPU: Intel or AMD dual core 2.3 GHz.
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • Graphics card: Intel / Radeon HD 256 MB.
  • Storage or disk space: 6 GB.
  • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.

Download ICC Cricket Test Series 2016 Free PC Game

Setup and license: Free demo.
Price has not been told to the public yet.
Authors: ICC and EA.
Type: Simulation with commentary.

ICC Cricket Games Download 2016


Cricket Captain 2016 Game Free Download

Cricket Captain 2016 PC Game Free Download has now been released for Windows in full version! This is one of the newest cricket games released by Childish Things. It is entirely based on cricket management simulation meaning that you will be in charge of international cricket players and teams and control what is going on in the pitch. The graphics have been massively improved including 3D and 4D visuals. There are couple of new modes introduced including singleplayer and online multiplayer allowing you to play with other friends and people from around the world. Also the famous cricketer Chris Rogers is added in the game.

There were numerous new features added along with a totally new redesigned interface in Cricket Captain 2016. Includes all the countries that are evolved in playing cricket and have played tournaments. There is one day international (ODI) and other T20 matches that you can play also found in Pepsi IPL 8, Vivo IPL 9 and Stick Cricket 2. Players can also choose to create custom match modes, choose their favorite players and built a custom team and include them in World Cups etc. It is viewed from a third person perspective and all the viewing angles can be changed so the user can play with comfort.

Download Cricket Captain 2016 PC Game Free

Cricket Captain 2016 Gameplay

There is a huge selection to grow through in cricket captain 2016 as there are over 79 teams which you can choose including domestic ones. Players can choose when they want the cricket match to be held I.e. Day or night mode is available. There is an advanced lightning system available which you can tune the settings for and show a specific amount of lightning on a certain area of the pitch only. You can assign each and every player of your team his / hers own upgraded kit. There is a help and support system built right into it which answers a whole range of questions for you related to game errors and crashes.

Cricket Captain 2016 Free Game Download

There are numerous changes bought to this title along with fixes that were available last year because of which other EA titles took the lead including Cricket 2007 and Cricket IPL T20. All of these have introduced some awesome new features because of what Cricket Captain was left behind a bit but they have now done a nice come back for sure.

System Requirements of Cricket Captain 2016

  • CPU: Intel Pentium III or IV.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Graphics: Nvidia or ATi Radeon HD.
  • Storage space: 4 GB disk is required.
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

Cricket Captain 2016 Download

Game license: Free demo is found here but if you want the full setup it needs to be purchased. Why are you waiting? get your hands on it now and start playing!
  • Version is the latest one out.
  • Price: $24.00
  • Owner and developers: Childish Things, Inc.
Cricket captain 2016 free download full version game


Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm because of its features and the use of augmented reality. It is now available for Microsoft Windows. Yes, you heard me right you can now play Pokemon Go on your PC! this is all done by the help of emulators and simulators. It was developed by a group of developers at Niantic, Inc. It works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Users can download it for Free on their computer and play it. There will be support for both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. Players will be able to do a lot with their pokemons, such as catching them, training them and having a battle with other people.

Pokemon Go Free Download for PC

It has not just been developed for PC, there is also Pokemon Go for mobile and consoles. There are many features including hundreds of tricks, tips and hacks that can help you catch the rarest Pokemon of all times. It is based on a how-to model because it evolves simulating the mobile operating system on the computer and then installing the APK version in the simulator, which will allow you to play it on that platform. Each player has a Poke Ball which they used to catch the creatures in the wild. You find them by going to different locations in the real world as they might show you location for some around you. 

Pokemon Go for PC

How to Play Pokemon Go on PC? [Proven Method]

The method is not very complicated but it will require you to have a program called "Bluestacks" which simulates the mobile environment onto the computer desktop. It will also allow players to attach Pokemon Go Plus which is the headset add-on of this game. It is very simple and gives you the experience of augmented and virtual reality allowing you to download extra packages, maps and modes to enhance your gaming experience. Below is a list of all the ways you can get it working without any cost:
  1. Installing it on the computer via the setup that is fully supported on all OS.
  2. Using a guide that helps you to learn all aspects of it during installation procedure.
  3. There are thousands of PokeStops and gyms which you can visit on the map using the AR. 
  4. There are also purchases you can that includes buying pokemons and upgrades for your avatar.
  5. It supports all sorts of devices including laptops and full-sized desktops as well.
Pokemon Go Windows Game

Features of Pokemon Go PC Game

It comes with many uses and there are many tips available in this article that will show the whole features and capabilities of this game on this platform. One useful option is that it allows players to take screenshots whenever they catch or see a Pokemon in the wild. Reports have shown that it is now running on more than 10% of desktops all over the world.

Recommended Games

Free Download Pokemon Go for Windows

Get Pokemon Go for Windows Free. It is one of the most amazing and awesome AR games that you will be able to play in 2016. The system requirements demand a dual core CPU, 2 GB of RAM and 64 MB graphics card.
  • License: Freeware.
  • Pricing: None.
  • Developers and authors: The Pokemon Company.
  • Setup type: Full.
Download Pokemon Go for Windows PC