Download LightShot 2017 Software Free

LightShot Setup Free Download screenshot capturing software program as a setup or standalone installer. This particular piece of software allows you to take screenshots of the computer made really easy, and the big thing is that is available for free and has exquisite user experience more software are like this and certified are AVG Antivirus 2016, VLC media player and adobe photoshop cs6 now these companies of software screenshot have recognized this light shot software and gave it five stars and has been approved that it's the really best and good software program out there in the world of programs computers.

Now light shot has a logo of a feather have you ever wondered why this is the logo because the screenshot is so easy and you can take the screenshot, with a single click, and you can select hot-keys like in Hotspot Shield. This option is really cool and you can select whichever keys you want to the software for it to work in the way when you press how many times you press this is a really golden option in screenshot taking now the other things is that it is used by many big web developers and programmers because when they get stuck they take screen shot and send it straight away.

Update and Overview

The software was developed in 2014 and is being updated every now and then two months. It has the self-updating thing that updates it there is also a new 2015 version coming out in next coming time which we have to look that they will have face detection and password protection and you can share you screen captures with other friends who are using it, and it will go on their wall post as a notification. 

They can like and comment on your screen shot and give feedback to you as you post it on the network your screen capture will be shared all over the world in a light shot website, and you can view it from there. Now you can take a screen grab easily with just pressing the "print button" on the keyboard and that's it!

Great last but not least this software is a state tool used very professional and often and is very lite and can be used on computers with windows and don't require that much processing power on windows. It is also released for Linux and Android operating systems like Windows 10.

Free download lightshot full version screenshot software

LightShot 2017 Features:

  • Size: N/A.
  • License: Freeware.
  • Developer: Lightshot Production.
  • Version: 4.4.2.
  • Price: Free.
  • Platform: Windows.

Download Free LightShot 2017 Latest Setup:

Authors: LS productions.
Setup type: Offline Installer.
Supports x86 and x64 bit environments.
Release build: 2017 Updated.


Microsoft Office Free Download For Windows
Microsoft Office Free Download 2017 is an automation software application used in offices. MS Office comes with other lots of different packages. It is supported on Windows, MAC, Android and Linux operating systems.

The new office 2017 has been added with new features, extended compatibility, cloud integrated with SharePoint and OneDrive. We all write important articles and journals don't we? Yes, we do. This is why Microsoft has now introduced auto-saving as default you do not need to change anything else! This is savings lots of people from losing their loved work. It can be downloaded free as a Trial for 30 days only then it needs to be purchased. It is going to be fully working with existing office installations because it can migrate data easily. Also, there is now support for Windows 10.

MS Office Features

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
All the above in the list are the ones which come with Microsoft 2015. This app makes lots of things easier and saves in a lot of other formats like (.doc), (.docx) and many others. It also can edit files and write letters, Essays, and Applications and make cvs.
  1. Versatile and easy to learn.
  2. Comes with lots of templates for presentations and letters.
  3. Supports 32 bit and 64-bit operating system to be installed on.
  4. Is free for some students that are in college or university and has massive discounts for them.
  5. Also, works on smartphones including Android and iPhone.
  6. Allows you to password protect documents with rock solid security.

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Download Microsoft Office 2017 for Windows (Trial)

License Setup: Demo
Developers are Microsoft.
Setup type: offline installer.
Microsoft Office 2015 Free Download Full Version
Google Chrome 2015 Offline Installer Free Download
Google Chrome 2017 is a popular offline web browser which can be installed on many platforms and Windows including Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows XP. Google Chrome offline installer is one of the most used web browsers available for free download on the internet. It is easy to use, flexible, lite, fast and secure in compared to other Google and third party browsers. Chrome 2015 has improved a lot with its user interface, features, and security features over the years it has made a high engine which can handle all types of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript web pages very easily.

Google Chrome 2017 Offline Installer Features

Google as we all know is a giant search engine as well and is indeed the best one. After all that years of providing Maps and search related services it decided to give something more service providing like to its valuable users and that was the 'Chrome Browser' which finally came out on 2015. Another example of offline installer based on Windows series is:

The Chrome offline setups have been quite handy because it gives you more chances to have it quickly installed on your system and up and running easily without any big hustle. Chrome comes in both 32 and 64 bit versions for all devices including Android and iPhone along with PC. This MSI installer of the famous Google Chrome 2015 is advanced and has developer tools as well.

This web browser uses Web-kit layout engine for all the processing and web pages it loads. It is also available as open source which means you can edit it and adjust it to your personal preference. Google Chrome Offline Installer 2015 is the faster browser in the world and can open pages within seconds also uses minimum internet data to open and surf the web.

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Chrome Browser 2017 Offline Installer Details

It is available as freeware for all platforms
Can be installed and setup in seconds
Available for Android as well
No prices needed
Download Google Chrome Offline Installer 2015

The 2015 chrome has now been updated with new setup of 2017 Google chrome browser for Android and Windows devices.


Microsoft Office 2014 Free Download Full version

Microsoft Office 2014 is an Office software that helps you review and edit your documents and files in computer MS Office 2014 is only available for Windows. Microsoft office 2014 is more improved and has new features than its previous release Microsoft Office 2013 it has a very new user interface that makes it easier for you to navigate in MS Office 2014 you can edit PDF file's easier than ever now on the new MS office 2014. MS Office 2014 is free to download full version for windows and windows 7 the software has new tabs in it and it also supports touch input system the new touch input system works on devices only who have touch support on their displays.

MS office 16 has the new feature that you can log in your sky drive or google drive account and it saves your progress automatically if something happens to your laptop or computer it shutdowns it saves your progress on your google account and you have your data saved their and it's not deleted until you delete it yourself from your computer  the new MS office 2014 has a new flatter look and more graphical interface it has a graphical effects when you switch from one option to another in it you can also buy the software from their official website MS word has a new and improved look that is very good it has a new designed start screen that has a very visual graphical interface.

There is a totally redesigned interface that has improved all the operations and features that it has to offer including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. There are newer 2016 office and 2017 office that are new releases with improved stability. 

There are beta programs that you can join to get early access to new releases which have better compatibility and tools that will help you create better documents. First of all, it makes you really innovative and productive so you can get more work done in the same time. There are better shortcuts that make it quicker for you to access tools and plugins.

Similar Applications

System Requirements (Minimum)

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • HDD: 5 GB.
  • OS: Win 7, 8, Vista.
  • VGA: 64 MB.

Download Office 2014 Free for PC

  1. Build: Demo.
  2. Author: Microsoft.
  3. Release: 2014 official version.
  4. Pricing: $13.99.
 Microsoft Office 2014 full version download
MS Office 2013 Free Download Full Version

Microsoft office is a software for Microsoft windows. MS Office is also known as Office 15. Microsoft Office 2013 is the new and greater version from its previous release Microsoft Office 2010. The new MS Office Supports more file formats that it can read and edit. The new software supports 32 bit (x86) and 64 bit (x64) this gives the software a good user rating. Microsoft office is free to download and install but you need to buy the software. Microsoft Office is only released for windows. Microsoft office 2013 is a lite software for computer's and doesn't take up that much ram to run and edit files or office documents for you. It has more improved user interface than its previous release MS office 13 works very good on windows 7 machines more good on RT server devices it comes pre-installed.

Microsoft office 2013 uses also has the function of auto saving your documents in case your computer shut downs or something happens to your power supply Microsoft office has more than 10 different types of versions you can choose to use according to your use how well it suits you, however, office's all versions are very good and have good feedback. MS Office has some new visualizations in it when you open or close a working tab or an empty tab in it. You can move objects freely as you want or move pictures from one edge to the other one. It also has a new system that supports online photo support from its official website of the company you have also new features added in MS Word section which is very good.


Microsoft has now released newer versions which include Office 2016 and Office 2017 both of which are famous and full of features! It is now available as an offline installer and standalone installer. Official ISO can also be found under the demo section that works temporarily after you will need to purchase it. It can work on all platforms including Android, Linux, and MAC. You can create all kind of spreadsheets, presentations, and reports using the tools that come with this program. 

Get Office 2013 ISO Setup Free

System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 CPU or Greater
  • Ram: 768 Mb or High
  • HDD: 5 GB
  • OS: Win 7,8,Vista,XP
  • VGA: 64 Mb 

Download Microsoft Office (MS) 2013 ISO Setup Free

  • Build: 2013 latest.
  • Author: Microsoft Corporation.
  • Setup type: Trial for 30 days only.
  • Pricing: $12.99
  • Updated with new compatibility for Windows 10.
Microsoft Office 2013 free download latest setup
Free Download MS Office 2003 Professional

Microsoft Office 2003 Professional is now available in the free download for Windows XP and Windows 7. MS Office Professional 2003 is office automation software and can do a lot of Word Processing, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access and Outlook related activities with it. MS Office Professional 2003 comes with all office utilities included as a trial version along with 30 days of access to all of Office 2003 features and tools.

MS has done a great job by making such useful office-based application for every OS. Just like office 2007 and office 2014 it can save your files automatically and make a useful back of them. Microsoft-Office has thousands of features from new interfaces every year since 2003 all the way to 2015 when they updated everything and improved lots of these functions and moved to mobile based devices as well which are Android and iPhone including Blackberry phones.

Microsoft (MS) Office 2003 Professional Features and Overview

MS Office 2003 is useful software used by many organizations, companies, schools and universities these days to do all sorts of Word Processing activities which include: Creating Posters, Leaflets, Letters and a lot more.

MS Office 2003 Professional Full Version Download

Many countries like India and Pakistan use it as it makes a lot of their work easier because of the options it has from making PowerPoint presentations and posters along with magazines as well. Microsoft Office 2003 Professional has other series as well like, Enterprise, Home and Business edition.


Microsoft has been working on newer and improved versions for Android and iPhone devices. They have added better support for cloud and SharePoint. We will highly recommend you to use Office 2017 Professional which is the latest released along with Windows server and other such software products. We are not saying that this one is outdated it actually still works but, the one referenced above has better features and tools to increase productivity and efficiency while word processing documents.

Recommended MS Office 2003 Alternatives

  • Version: Is a trial for 30 days - Updated!
  • Can be installed using MSI and EXE setup on Windows
  • File Size depends on the version if its 32 or 64 bit
  • Price is $32.00
MS Office Professional 2003 Free Download