Download Windows 10 2017 Official ISO 32 bit / 64 bit Free

Microsoft Windows 10 2017 Latest Final Official ISO file x86 / x64 Download Free. This is the complete version of the OS from MS!

Windows 10 2017 Official ISO x86 / x64 Free Download

This operating system is the latest windows release from Microsoft and has the most recent features touch feature has been added to its graphical user interface and has high definition audio interface.

Windows 10 gives you a new feel and look to your computer and makes it easier for you to navigate through your PC files searching for some file you want that is important it has a new feature called Tablet mod you can switch your laptop to tablet mode whenever you want with a simple click.

Windows 10 32 Bit and 64 Bit Download free


Microsoft has released tons of new updates for its new operating system! The biggest one that you could notice straight away is the new and freshly designed interface, app store, Windows antivirus and Cortana. It downloads updates automatically in the background and installs them when you turn off or restart your PC. The new OS does not eat all of your memory and is very lite on the processor.

A new gaming mode will also be added to Windows 10 that will allocate more resources to games running rather than background resources such as web browsers like Google Chrome

New Productivity Office Apps are installed

The developers have added Microsoft Office ISO 2017 Professional, Home and Education for no extra cost. Users can now enjoy the joy of having MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and other office tools at their fingertips. 

There are newer folder encryption technologies that will secure all your files so no one else can access them. Microsoft has really kept on top of performance issues that were affecting many users with slower computers and needed them to be fast. 

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System Requirements for Windows 10 2017 ISO:

  • CPU: 2.0 Ghz Dual Core
  • RAM: 3 GB 
  • Disk space: 20 GB 
  • Graphics: 128 MB Direct x 10 capable.
  • DirectX 12 support and Vulkan API has been added.

ISO Image Windows 10 2017 Official Details:

  1. License: Demo / 30 days trial only.
  2. Admins and authors: Microsoft Corporation.
  3. Version: Latest Build.
  4. Note: This is untouched ISO file that has not been edited in any way.

Windows 10 2017 ISO Official Image Download Free


Windows XP Service Pack 3 2017 Latest ISO Free Download

Windows XP Service Pack 3 2017 ISO Free Download is a really great OS from Microsoft which is still in functionality as of 2015. Windows XP SP3 is available as free download ISO Image file which can be made bootable in the USB flash drive after that so the user can install the ISO of XP SP3 onto the computer easily without any great modifications required. Windows XP is the fastest and lite operating system ever released till date.

By using Windows XP SP3 ISO Image, the PC will get a lot lighter and start to run fast with the straightforward and user-friendly interface that Microsoft has developed for XP. This version of Windows XP comes in the much different service pack for example (SP2, SP3, and SP1) depending on the power of the computer it is, of course, a lot faster than Windows 8 and Windows 10, but the features are a bit limited to others.

Windows XP SP3 2017 Features and Improvements:

This unique version of Windows XP has all the SATA Drivers who work on all the latest PC's and Laptops including servers as well. Windows Vista was an upgrade of XP with enhancements to the visuals and animations were added but at the same time the resources were high and used a lot of RAM to run on the system and the great feature of XP SP3 was that updates automatically download and install so the computer and the ISO file stays up to date.
  • High and Improved System Stability
  • The new Windows Boot logo is just awesome
  • Simplicity has been made simpler than ever
This Window was first developed by 'Bill Gates' who is the primary source where it came from and firstly programmed the version of windows so people can use graphical user interface of XP for the first time in their life. It is available in both 32 and 64 Bit version.

Update: This OS is no longer supported, upgraded or fixed by Microsoft so make sure that you have full knowledge of troubleshooting if you encounter crashes or problems.

What's New!

Latest Microsoft Office 2017 Full ISO has been added and is installed automatically when Windows is installed. This comes included with Excel, PowerPoint, and Word 2017.

Recommended Operating Systems:

Version: SP3
Developer: Microsoft (MS)
License: Trial
Update: Latest 2017 updates and patches have been added!
Size: ISO
Windows XP SP3 Free Download


Skype 7 2016 Download is now available in offline installer setup for Windows. It can be used for calling, chatting and sending files. What it comes is as a 32 or 64 Bit driver that works on all platforms including PC, Android, and iPhone. Users just need the internet to communicate with each other and nothing else.

It is also available for the browser which means that you do not need to install it on your hard drive. It has all the emoticons which are used in a normal conversation. It has improved a lot because of the upcoming version from 2017 users can leave voice messages depending on if you allow unknown users to do so. Try downloading Skype setup.

Skype 7 (Offline Installer Setup) 2016 Free Download

Skype 7 Features

There are dedicated servers that ensure the audio and video quality is reasonable because the competition including Viber and Whatsapp have good feedback. It is also used a lot for group calling and chatting that became very useful for businesses. Also, you can call freely on local phones and numbers, but for that, you will need to purchase credit for Skype. 

Also, traditional text messages can be sent out with this software, but again balance will be needed to do so. It stores your chat history with the person that you were talking to, but it can be deleted. You can also change your status to online, offline, busy or at work. 

There are read and write notifications which mean that you can see if someone has actually perceived by the other person. There are a couple of requirements that you will need to run the latest Skype 7, first of all, you will need a webcam and microphone which will input video and audio into the software so the other person can hear and see you clearly without any connection issues.

You will need to make sure that your internet connection is fast enough so that HD calls can work if not the voice will not be clear from both ends. It is very easy to get used to, 95% of the time people start to understand its interface within hours of setting it up. A Microsoft account will need to be created which you will use to sign in. There is no absolute limit of how many contacts you have in your account you can add as many of them you want. There is also the option to deactivate the account once you created it, in case you do not like the services offered. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using Skype 7:
  1. Does not cost anything to use.
  2. Allows you to share files and photos.
  3. Connects you with your friends and family in every country.
  4. Cheap landline call rates are available to be purchased.
  5. Also supported on gaming consoles and smartphones.
  6. Screen sharing is also capable in this 2016 release that allows you to see each other's desktop from a remote session, also try out TeamViewer.

Download Skype 7 2017 Free Setup for PC

Get Skype 7 Free. It is one of the most used communication methods by people around the world because the call quality is good.
  • Licensing and packages: Trial.
  • Developers are the Microsoft.
  • Platforms are the PC.
Update: New 2017 Skype updates and calling interface enhancements.

Skype 7 Download Free
Download Viber for Windows PC Free

Viber 2017 for Windows has now been released as the free download available along with other platforms such as Android, iPhone and Windows 7. It is easy to use and comes with an entirely new user interface design which works on PC and MAC. Viber has now become so popular because of the free audio and video calls feature which it provides to its users along with messaging and chat support like Skype.
  • Free High-Quality Video Calls
  • Easy to use and simple to understand
  • Connects the world 
  • Reaching friends and family is easier than ever
Viber for Windows has changed the way how the world uses to communicate with each other this is the latest version of the software which came out in 2015 for computers, desktops, and laptops along with tablets. Instant messaging has lots of options like auto correct and much more. Viber was developed and published by Viber Media which are the leading developers of the application.

Viber for Windows Features:

Viber works on all networks such as 3G / 4G / LAN, and WiFiand is fast does not require high-speed internet a common connection with good ping will be able to hear crystal clear voice of the other person. Viber is cross-platform which means it is supported by 32 / 64-bit environments and on Linux as well examples of Linux OS are (Ubuntu and Mint).

There are also other programs now available, and one of the best alternatives is IMO for Windows that is the same but provides much clearer voice and video quality!

Other Recommended Calling Software:

Viber 2017 for PC Details:

  1. Version: Latest builds.
  2. Developer: Viber Media S. a. R. L
  3. License: Freeware
  4. Platform: Windows, PC
Update: New HD video calls and audio calls are supported on all devices such as Laptops, All-in-one and more!

Viber for Windows Free Download


InPage Urdu 2013 Free Download Setup (Updated)

InPage Urdu 2013 free download as the full version is a software for windows that the program is a type of design in layout style for multiple languages and writing, for example, Urdu, Pashto, Persian. The software is entirely free to download from its developer they released it for free. This program has become so popular that every office has it now and people work on it because they can write and type a different kind of languages very quickly with it. The software supports many different types of design and style in writing you can also print your file out the software has an option in it to print your work out easily fast and secure. The program is a lite application doesn't use a lot of memory.

Download InPage Urdu 2013 Free for PC

The developer's primary goal was to give Pakistani and Indian people a chance to use software that could help them out really when they need help instead of doing hours of work in just minutes quickly type fast on the keyboard and print it out with a printer. The software is similar to Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 2014 some functions are like them, but the layout and style are entirely different from Microsoft Office. MS Office doesn't support multiple different languages, but in page Urdu, does the job excellently and has a more easy interface then office.Users find it more comfortable on the in page more than that because it has the very simple user interface.

Features of InPage Software

  1. Easy to use and has an upgraded GUI.
  2. New fonts have been added, and backward compatibility with InPage 2009 Professional is supported!
  3. The new typeface for Urdu and Punjabi has been added along with exporting feature.
  4. Comes with a built-in Android keyboard that will allow you to type in Urdu on your smartphone.
  5. Works on all 32-bit and 64-bit environments of Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Other InPage Releases and Builds

InPage Urdu 2013 Setup File Details

  • License: Freeware
  • Developer: InPage
  • Size: 5.50mb
  • Version: 2013 - Updated!
  • Update: This package has been updated with the latest files and documents. 

Inpage urdu 2013 full version download


Urdu InPage 2009 Professional Software Free Download (Updated)

Urdu InPage 2009 Professional is now publically available as free download for installation and setup. Support for all Windows versions including 10 is added! InPage can now also be downloaded for Android with the keyboards app. The developer team is always up and bringing new features to the relatively old program. It also includes version 3.0.5 along with compatibility for x86 and x64 environments. All the offline and standalone setup files have been updated to the latest version. Newer and stylish fonts with modern looks were added, and more language features for Urdu and Punjabi writing was added. 

Many Arabic words were added and new user interfaces with easier to navigate buttons and menus. It has all the Arabic alphabets. Urdu InPage Professional 2009 also allows you to save documents as PDF or HTML pages so that they can be uploaded on the web. You can install InPage very easily and it only needs to have minimum specifications to work. InPage 2016 and InPage 2017 are the newest releases that bring lots of more goodies to the app for PC. There is a challenge always as you will first need to learn how to use this software. It is not built for everyone as there are many aspects that you will need to learn.

Urdu InPage 2009 Professional Download Version 3.0.5

  • Exporting InPage from old releases to new is now possible. 
  • Documents created in it can also be edited, viewed and protected in InPage Urdu 2013.
  • You can add notes to the header or footer depending on your choice.
  • You can resize text size make it bold, italic or underline.
  • Muhammad Quranic font is now added, great!
  • You have access to over 50 Unicode fonts that are Naskh.
  • The Quran Publishing System has also been integrated.
  • The choice to pick from hundreds of different typefaces. 
  • Can be used for making all kinds of newspapers and magazines. 
Download Urdu InPage 2009 Professional Free

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Urdu InPage 2009 Professional Setup Information

  • Version: 2009 - Updated.
  • Developer: Concept Software.
  • Package: Full Version.
  • File name: Urdu-InPage-Professional-2009-setup.exe

Urdu InPage 2009 Professional Setup Download Free