Free Download DriverPack Solution 2015 Full Version

Driver Pack Solution 2015 is a software that lets your computer download all drivers for it automatically on the system without you doing anything. DRP 15 is the latest driver installation software allows you to free download drivers on your computer in full version setup. It has all the driver and update of any computer in the world also it has auto updating DRP 15 (2015) is the first program software in the world which allows a Windows system to download its required files automatically and it does not need you to search the web for it. Driver Pack has lots of features which are not very often in other drivers.

This program/software allows you to download drivers for HP, DELL, IBM, COMPAQ, APPLE, LENOVO, ACER. You just need to install this program, and it will eventually scan your computer for any missing files and drivers, and then it will install them automatically and also fits the latest Driver Pack Solution 2015 DRP 15. It consists of a big database of driver pack to download 15 and 2015. Nowadays all computer don't install their drivers auto you need to install and thus you need to surf the web for hours and hours to find the right working driver pack solution 15 2015 for your computer, and that is why driver pack solution was developed to make the jobs a lot easy for you guys.

Features of DriverPack Solution (DRP) 2015:

DRP 15 DriverPack 2015 Free Download

Driver Pack Solution you can also buy it and also free download a version of it from the website. It has lots of advantages and also disadvantages which are the benefits are that it does all the hustle and hard work for you. I'd rather say this is a convenient tool to have saved with you at all times. It is available for both Windows, Linux, Android. It is available for free download but in full version file. You just need to install it on your hard drive, and after that, it will search your system for missing driver and will ask you permission to download the driver then you give it permission and then it will do the job it is best at.

It is the upgraded version of the DRP 15 (2015). It has a beautiful and user-friendly graphical interface which exists in two different modes fundamental mode and standard mode. All kinds of the driver including Intel, AMD all kind of stuff and drive it will make your computer look like a proper fresh new peace and will also speed it up. It is available for Windows 7 and also for Windows 10 also win 8. All the video card and audio card driver also card readers and wireless card drivers are available for download DRP 15. This is the right solution for computer system driver their developers have worked really good and done a great thing by making this software.

Driver Pack solution 2015 DRP 15 Free Download

Driver Pack Solution 2015 and DRP 15 have come a very long way in completing their mission in creating this amazing software for driver installation. It is really well known for DRP and 15 because 15 is the year and DRP is its full name spelled shortly to prevent typing for a long time. It also tells you when the software. It takes shallow space to install it onto your disk space and can easily fit into a DVD drive. There are also many another type of software programs like driver pack drop 15. They all are not free they ask for money, and this one is freeware in a trial version where you can check it other software's are Driver Pack 14.

Update of DRP:

The above driver installers are the latest release and have been updated with a new and fresh database. List of new features added:
  1. Fresh new design.
  2. Updated database to support new Intel Core i9 processors.

Full details of DRP Solution 15:

  1. Version: 2015
  2. License: Try the demo
  3. Size: 5.00 GB 
  4. Developer: Driver Pack 

Free download driver pack solution 2015 DRP Solution 15

Download Stick Cricket 2017 Game for PC

Stick Cricket PC Game Free Download

Stick Cricket PC Game Download has now been released for Windows 7 and Windows 8 as the free download. The Stick Cricket game is available for different platforms including Android, iOS, iPhone and Symbian phones. This online game has many modes including single player and multiplayer as well. It is straightforward to play and only needs a keyboard and a mouse for the control movements. Stick Cricket games are based on 3D and 2D graphics which do not require high specifications.

Just like other Cricket Games, it has stadiums, grounds, countries and famous cricket players who have won many matches. You do not need a high-end CPU to play Stick Cricket on your PC it is based on a web browser application game. There is a map in the PC Game which shows where other player's position is and what is their post. There is some score you have to chase to win from the opposite team. You can change the settings and graphics quality at any time. 

Stick Cricket Game Free Download

Stick Cricket PC Gameplay

It is straightforward to score high in this game, but there are difficult situations as well where you will have to meet certain deadlines like in Cricket 16. All great teams from many different Asian countries including Indonesia, India, and Pakistan are available to choose. 

Screenshots of Stick Cricket :)

Stick Cricket Download For Windows

Free Stick Cricket Download

There is a time as well in the Cricket Game which is limited, and in this period you will have to do your best and win the tournament. There are two indicators on the top left and right of the screen which indicates the score and field as a map. 

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System Requirements and for Stick Cricket

  1. CPU needed is from Intel and needs to be Dual core
  2. RAM minimum of a 513 MB
  3. VGA can be from Nvidia or Intel HD
  4. Space required to download the game is 4.0 GB
  5. License: Demo Version
Stick Cricket for PC


Download Street Fighter 2017 PC Game

Street Fighter 2017 Free Download Full Version

Street Fighter 2017 Free download full version PC game for Windows is a fighting game.The Game was developed and released by Capcom games.The game is about fighting with different combat predators on the street and win the match from the other players the game was developed for Microsoft Windows and play station.Street Fighter had become a very famous game because the game is so attractive in compared to other fighting games like Tekken 3. But Streetfighter has a different gaming entirely and fighting goal then the other street fighting games it has different characters, and there is audience on the side of the road looking how you fight and cheer for you.The game has a small size because when it was released than at the moment big and cumbersome computers with big hard drives were not available in personal computers the game is based on 3D graphics.

Screenshots of Street Fighter 2017 Game for PC

Street Fighter 2 Free Download Full Version

Street Fighter 2 Free Download Full Version

Street Fighter 2 Free Download Full Version

Street Fighter 2 Free Download Full Version

System Specifications

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 3 
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Graphics:16 MB Nvidia,ATI
  • OS: XP, 7, 8, Vista
  • HDD: 500MB

Street Fighter 2 Free Download Full Version


Cricket IPL T20 DLF Android Game Free Download

Cricket Android Game IPL, T20 and DLF Free Download are the biggest growing sport in Asia by the end of 2015 and 2016. IPL (Indian Premier League) T20 and DLF series are the ones which are waited the most throughout all the year to be seen. This sports simulation game is so popular that 60% of all population from India, Indonesia and Pakistan play cricket games and the real life sport in the countries. 

Cricket IPL, T20 and DLF Android Mobile Game

Cricket IPL T20 works on all versions of Android including 4.4 Kit-Kat, 5.0 Lollipop, Android Nougat 7.0 and ICS 4.0. It has become so much in a demand now that Smartphone devices like Samsung, LG and Apple iPhone support all these APK games on their OS. The all-new 2015 IPL, T20 and DLF game has all the teams such as Mumbai Indians, Knight Riders and Chinnai Super Kings.

Support for new operating system was added so the latest smartphones can easily be compatible with it.

Cricket T20, IPL and DLF Android Gameplay

Cricket has always been the favorite of them all of a young child and always will be. It may be that in the coming years it may change and some advanced features and rules come in the sports game or World Cup. There are many features in this Android Mobile Cricket Game like Single Player and Multi Player also it is lite as well.

This game supports HD quality and can be played on any model of phone but it needs to meet the requirement of the Android Version which is listed above. There are all the stadiums and located in the game and can be chosen in the starting in the menu. Players can also save their progress while they are completing championships and careers.

New setup details have been added with new patches and mods. Enjoy!

Details of Cricket T20, IPL and DLF for Downloading

  • License is the as usual Demo available
  • Price is $4.99
  • Platform: Android Smartphone Device / Mobile Phones
  • Version: Android 4.4, Android 5.5, 2.6, ICS and Jelly Bean
Free Download Cricket IPL,T20 Android Game


DirectX 12 2017 Free Download For Windows (Updated)

DirectX 12 is Microsoft's latest API and graphics driver for games and graphics which is already released and available for free download in full version. DirectX 12 is available for all of the Windows operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Direct-X is paramount when it comes to drivers of the graphics hardware inside your PC because it helps in the VGA card to display all the visuals in clear HD quality.

DirectX 12 which is in free download is very essential for running PC Games and other high definition Apps and Movies or even audio. Microsoft has aimed to launch its new direct-x software with Windows 10. It can run all the main video files including games, visuals and Windows interface for displaying accurate and real life colors into the displays. MS has made things simple and easy but has now some requirements for PCs to install the DirectX on.

DirectX 12 Overview and features:

DirectX 12 is recommended and at the same time required some high-end games like American Truck Simulator and Star Wars 2015. DirectX 12 comes free with the latest version of Windows 10 and 8.1. The new software driver has been improved from its previous DirectX 11. It now supports both 32 bit and 64 bit OS versions with full online support for the users if any technical difficulty during installation and set-up has occurred.

Microsoft has a great history when it comes to direct X because it has different versions e.g. 9, 10.1, 11 and 12. This application improves stability and fixes DLL file errors which come in when launching any software or game because of missing data. All graphics card brands including ATI Radeon and Nvidia are on boarding this technology onto their products for better results and performance for their customers.


There have been new APIs, and bug fixes released that can be installed providing both GPU performance improvements, HD visuals and much more. It now comes in different setups include offline, online and standalone. AMD have worked a lot in this technology and consoles such as the Xbox.

New Release:
Microsoft has released a DirectX 12 patch and new setup that is stable and out of beta.

DirectX 12 updates

DirectX 12 Information:

  • License: freely provided for download - freeware
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Platform is Windows PC
  • Price is None
download directx 12 full version for windows


Vivo IPL 9 T20 has started early now in 2016 and is free to download on any platform including Microsoft Windows, Android, and iPhone. It is fully based on cricket simulation and comes with HD graphics. Unlike other Indian Premier Leagues and Tournaments Vivo IPL series brings single-player and online gameplay together. It brings all the cricketers, new stadiums, countries, teams and premium features with it. It contains all the patches and fixes that were causing problems in the previous release. There are many improvements to the story as now users can save their mission files and do not need to start from zero again!

Vivo IPL 9 T20 2016 Game Free Download

T20 IPL 9 2016 Overview

There were times when players just used to like playing IPL 9 without any sense, as in the early days of development the visuals were the blur and not bright. This resulted in quality being lowered and last year's IPL 2015 bought some of the love and features back to this sport. It has been around for many years, and people still play it on their computers and smartphones. There are also patches for cricket 2007 that can be installed to change the overall look and adding more features to the series. This year many matches are going on, and people are eager to know today's game prediction about scores and starting times.

IPL 9 Full Version Download for PC

Vivo IPL 9 Gameplay

There is more than what just meets to the eye, this new cricket IPL based game has changed how people see this sport in the 21st century. It is popular in India and Asia where this is really famous and almost every citizen there knows this game and is being playing it since the release. It comes in a highly compressed setup that can be easily downloaded onto your PC which supports bot 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. You can now customize your cricketer and bowler also there is the option to changing fielding options and weather conditions in which you would like to play. Many people were able to give 100% accurate predictions, but still, it is hard to believe who will win at the end of a match.

Download Indian Premier League 9 T20 2016 Game

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  1. Cricket DLF IPL 2016
  2. DLF IPL Game for PC
  3. Pepsi IPL 8

Vivo IPL 9 T20 2016 Game Download

Get Vivo IPL 9 Games for PC Free. This is the official cricket league game that was developed by EA (Electronic Arts). This is not the full version. However, the setup can be purchased and installed on any system as long as it meets the system requirements.

Update: Vivo IPL Cricket Game 2017 has now been released with new features and updated patches.

Play IPL 9 Games Free