Need For Speed 3 Free Download Full Version

Need For Speed 3 Free Download Full Version
Need for speed 3 free download racing pc game full version.The game was developed by ea sports electronics the game was available for the public in 1998.It was only released for windows versions and play station.Hot Pursuit was a new success after it's previous old brother game Need for speed 2 SE.It has more new improved and advanced graphics than ever and has new laps and weather system is just awesome in compared then its old release.

The game has different and many other game types you can choose and play from like single player and online feature but to play online you obviously need a fast internet connection and a good gaming system.The game has a new core-engine named en-core that has a weather and rain effect it gets the updates from any local weather station through the internet and changes the current climate change in the game map and race also is a good graphic change.

Need for speed has come a long way now a days and has become every kid's favorite computer game to play and have installed on his computer you can either buy the game online and go to any local game store and buy a cd or dvd depending on your computer's requirements, your pc specs need to meet the specs which come with the game or otherwise the game would not work and may effect your computers speed and not install the game.

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Free Download Need for speed 3 pc game

full version need for speed 3 download game

System Specs:

CPU:Intel Pentium 3
RAM: 256 MB
HDD 500 MB
Free download need for speed 3 pc game


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