Free Download Urdu InPage 2015 Professional

Free Download Urdu InPage 2015 Professional

Urdu InPage 2015 Professional Free Download basically used highly for Urdu typing and writing. It is released as full version. InPage Urdu 2015 Professional can type in Pashto, Punjabi, Saraiki, Pashto, Arabic and Persian language. Urdu InPage uses Nastaliq fonts which makes it easier for it to write in Noori style.

Urdu InPage is based on Faiz which is a feature in it to improve the ability of one to write and type in Urdu. It can save file types like HTML, .doc, JPG and more. It works and is compatible on Microsoft Windows, XP, 7, 8 and Vista operating systems. After it finishes the writing the layout comes out in a beautiful calligrapher look.

Urdu InPage 2015 Features

Urdu InPage 2015 is made for professionals and people who make magazines and newspapers for the public. It is a complete Urdu Publisher package. Based on many other MS Applications such as Office it is way easy to use and richer with options and flexibility. Unicode support is added so that it can interact with other software.
  • Quick and Easy Typing in Urdu and other Asian languages
  • Can save files in PDF and EPS Format
  • All symbols are available in it
  • Muhammadi Quranic font is added -New!
  • Export and Import of documents is supported
Most of the list and options in the above are available in it with lots of other accessibility options which are customize able. Footnote which is good can be added with a selected font. Many new plugins have released by developers so type writers and companies can test them.

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Version: 3.5.0
Developer: InPage
License: Freeware
Setup can be downloaded in trial.
Size: 23.1 MB
InPage Urdu 2015 Professional Free Download Full Version


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