Free Download InPage Urdu 2014 (Latest) Full Version

Free Download InPage Urdu 2014 (Latest) Full Version

InPage Urdu is a typing software which was released by its developer to download free. In full version setup InPage is in the language Urdu developed for mostly Asian side countries also used in the Europe and other countries. It helps you to type and translate letters for anyone in this language it also has a keyboard of its own which you connect to the computer and type the Urdu this one is the latest version which is recently out in 2014 with new design and many other functions. This one has new graphical user interface and is easy to navigate through the whole structure of the software. It can develop lots of different writing methods that will make lots of your work easy typing software.

InPage Urdu 2014 Features

It is supported by Windows 7/XP/Vista and Windows 8 cross platform support. The different language that it supports is a huge list any other application program does not have this much of range that this one has. It also has other versions like released by the same coders but with less variety in options and new features it updates itself to the latest InPage new functions. The following languages can be read and written using this program are Punjabi, Kashmiri, Balochi, Arabic, Persian Gulf you can also do other things like which are popular in other typing software like print page, insert text, image, videos, banners, change the font size and color.

All have the same job as this one has but those are much older releases but still working and popular latest version has a big increase in its design, performance and stability the old one was knew for facing some crashes while heavy type load. It has a sleek easy method and also has it's on screen virtual keyboard which works only if you can touch the screen it has all the letters in Urdu and Arabic so both can be typed you can either start from right to left or the opposite depends which you writing because Urdu starts from right side. InPage is also used in Work places, Business, Office, college and schools because there is study in this.

Overview and Improvements

It is easy to use you just need to know the language and there are help center in it, which if you are stuck at a step of doing something there it will give you support and guides you what to do with easy simple to follow commands. It is available for both 32/64-bit computer system environments it is also said to be made compatible with mobile smartphone devices such as Android, Smartphone iPhone and Blackberry and Nokia. It saves your document file simultaneously which is a good thing that you will not lose all your typed work. InPage Urdu is a recommended peace of app which you need to have to be installed into your machine as it helps you a lot.

InPage Urdu 2014 Free Download Full Version

InPage Urdu Full Setup Download Details

  1. Type: Free to use 
  2. License: Freeware
  3. Developer: Inpage 
  4. Version: 2014 
  5. Platform: Windows

Note: The above build is very old and now has been stopped to be updated by its author so we highly recommend to use InPage 2017 or InPage 2016 which is the latest one recently updated!

InPage Urdu 2014 Download

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