Microsoft Office 2014 Free Download Full version

Microsoft Office 2014 Free Download Full version

Microsoft Office 2014 is an Office software that helps you review and edit your documents and files in computer MS Office 2014 is only available for Windows. Microsoft office 2014 is more improved and has new features than its previous release Microsoft Office 2013 it has a very new user interface that makes it easier for you to navigate in MS Office 2014 you can edit PDF file's easier than ever now on the new MS office 2014. MS Office 2014 is free to download full version for windows and windows 7 the software has new tabs in it and it also supports touch input system the new touch input system works on devices only who have touch support on their displays.

MS office 16 has the new feature that you can log in your sky drive or google drive account and it saves your progress automatically if something happens to your laptop or computer it shutdowns it saves your progress on your google account and you have your data saved their and it's not deleted until you delete it yourself from your computer  the new MS office 2014 has a new flatter look and more graphical interface it has a graphical effects when you switch from one option to another in it you can also buy the software from their official website MS word has a new and improved look that is very good it has a new designed start screen that has a very visual graphical interface.

There is a totally redesigned interface that has improved all the operations and features that it has to offer including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. There are newer 2016 office and 2017 office that are new releases with improved stability. 

There are beta programs that you can join to get early access to new releases which have better compatibility and tools that will help you create better documents. First of all, it makes you really innovative and productive so you can get more work done in the same time. There are better shortcuts that make it quicker for you to access tools and plugins.

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System Requirements (Minimum)

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • HDD: 5 GB.
  • OS: Win 7, 8, Vista.
  • VGA: 64 MB.

Download Office 2014 Free for PC

  1. Build: Demo.
  2. Author: Microsoft.
  3. Release: 2014 official version.
  4. Pricing: $13.99.
 Microsoft Office 2014 full version download


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      Microsoft has released a newer version of Office that you can find below:

      It works on Windows and all platforms! :)


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