Download Google Earth 2016 PC Software Free

Google Earth 2016 setup is now Free to Download for Windows in offline installer. It shows you geographical maps of all the world and has all the countries in it. It is basically a 3D model of the earth in which you can move around and view images and read information about popular places. It shows you live images from the satellite and you can zoom into them till the point the pixels start to fade out. This is the latest release which is supported on x86 and x64 PCs. There is also Pro version which is now available to anyone. It also works on smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. A new list of 3D maps and a revamped interface has been introduced.

Download Google Earth 2016 PC Software Free

Overview of Google Earth 2016

Users can see 3D buildings, objects, cars, houses and mostly anything that is big in size using Google Earth 2016. It is very easy to use because you can enter different addresses in it such as postcodes and it will take you there in its virtual tour. The quality of the images and maps depend whether you are downloading them or are viewing them live like a stream, which varies on the speed of your internet connection. 

There are also 2D shapes because it couldn't create a 3D model of everything. You can also save your favorite places so you can come back to them later and don't hassle to look them up in the map. It also integrates with other products from Google such as Chrome Browser.

Get Google Earth 2016 Setup for Windows

It is used a lot for providing knowledge to students and other people because it is easier to explain different landscapes, themes and locations from a traditional paper-based map. Also it shows you information of useful places like shopping malls, gas stations, hotels, restaurants, parks and many more. It's a complete how-to when it comes to exploring our beautiful planet. There is no such other PC software that provides the same level of features and tools that this program has to offer. Below is why more than 75% of people choose to use it and the pros / cons:
  1. Does not require GPS signal to navigate or zoom in.
  2. Works on Android (APK) and iPhone (iOS).
  3. Comes as a fully installable setup.
  4. It is multilingual and supports all languages.
  5. Uses technologies and data from companies like NASA. 
  6. Offers the highest quality satellite imagery in the market.

Recommended Software for PC

Get Google Earth PC software 2016 Free works on 32 and 64 Bit operating systems. It is the official demo and expires after 30 days of usage.
  • Developers / Authors / Owners: Google, Inc.
  • Platform: Desktop.
  • Version is the newest.
Google Earth 2016 Pro Setup


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