Subway Surfers PC Game Free Download

Subway Surfers PC Game Free Download
Subway surfers is a mobile game but now also available for download in PC for windows this game has made a lot success after being popular in Android 4.4 kitkat and smartphones but now has been released for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 8. There are subways where this endless runner is being player you can collect coins which will help you to level up and get new players unlocked there are some rules which have to be obeyed so that you can move on. Subway surfer is a game which can also be played on Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia devices but they need high specs like good processor and good ram so it can download all the good visual graphic details and files, The GUI is awesome and is easy to find options within it. This is the 2015 version but there are many others which are for some older PC of windows like desktops. But now as Android 5.0 Lollipop has arrived it got more interesting.

Subway Surfers PC Game Play:

Subway surfers pc game download for windows

subway surfers game for pc download
The Subway Menu
subway surfers pc game download for PC
Playing Subway Surfers
subway surfers game for pc

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subway surfers PC Version


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