Temple Run 2 Android Version Free Download

Temple Run 2 Android Version Free Download
Temple run 2 is a famous Mobile smartphone game developed by Imangi Studios.Temple run 2 is an ongoing never ending running game.The game was released on January 17,2013 in the app store and in play store for both android and IOS devices to be played on.Temple run 2 was released after its previous release temple run 1.Temple run 2 has increased alot in graphics quality and visual experience for players.The game has a new features in which it gives you daily challenges to complete in temple_run_2.Temple run 2 was also released for windows mobile on 20 December.In temple run 2 a guy runs with a diamond in his hands and there is a huge monkey monster running after him to catch him from which we have to defend ourself.
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Temple run 2 android apk free download
Android Requirements:
Android 2.2 and up
512mb ram
1Ghz Cortex a8 


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