Metal Slug X Free Download PC Game

Metal Slug X Free Download PC Game
Metal Slug X is a cool PC game which is as free to download released for Android, iPhone and Microsoft Windows OS. It all starts with some shooter action in the starting and after that it ends up in some missions which need completion. Metal slug x is one of the famous series out as in the release. It includes only single player and is viewed from second person perspective it is really cool to play also on smartphone and Nokia devices more of them popular are Samsung, HTC and Apple. They are powerful processors running in them and have real random access memory which stores all the recent programs in it. You can select it also on PSX PlayStation Emulator.

Metal Slug X Game Play:

There are many settings which have to be done in Metal Slug X the character can be changed as you want the body color everything can be changed. It is widely supported on PC and Windows because of the PSX emulator which pretends that it is a console on windows with full game working commands. You can add up lots of the stuff in it as Metal Slug 1, Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug 3. First out available in Europe and after that in Asia on 2001 from 1999 developed by SNK and was published by a third party company called AGETEC, INC. It holds lots metals and wild forest slugs in the game it also comes an endless runner category but not fully.

Metal Slug X Screenshots:

Metal Slug X Free Download

Download Metal Slug X Game

Metal Slug X PC Game Free Download


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Metal Slug X PC Requirements:

CPU: Intel Pentium 3 or 4 500 MHz or above
RAM: 128 MB
VGA: 16 MB
OS: Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Sound: DirectX 9
Drivers: N/A
Optical: DVD or CD Drive

Metal Slug X Application Details:

Version: X
Developer: Neo-Geo 
Type: Full version and free if purchased 
License: Demo
Metal Slug X Free Download For PC


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