EA Sports Cricket 2015 IPL Game Download For PC

EA Sports Cricket 2015 Game Download For PC

Cricket 2015 is the latest year upcoming sports which includes all the latest series in free full download which are IPL, DLF, ICC, World Cups, T20 and Tournaments. It is supported by Windows XP, Vista, 7 and windows 8. The new players are their as well which are playing cricket 2015. As it is a simulation of a sports it includes all the real life characters each having their unique affect and etheir own role in a match It is available for PC and other system so you can download cricket on the device like smartphones, Android, iPhone and many more.

And their are many other very good examples of the same games which are a bit similar like this but have more action and adventure. There is added more fun for many famous countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and so on. Which have many power in this famous sport their is a bat and a ball which not need to be missed every one of those missed can be a missing score which can lead to a missing losing which is a shame for one country but on the other way there is no entry fee to join it is free to join so no big hustles for this.

The game play is different where are the two players facing each other with choose opinions and facts for cricket reliability so who can score good and can't. With over 20 Countries which participate in this sport there is a big audience watching the players play the match. As it is not that much complexed and is easy so you can give them your company shirt which they can wear as an advertisement so it gets more famous and the world gets to know it because it is at the moment live being showed on TV channels which are popular so there are many views.

Cricket has become so wide range as their are now a passion many people love it there is a big pitch where there is border until were if it hits the ball you get a score of 4, 8 and 6 which can be winner. a sixer four the double and single run score. There is all the time an inspector standing there and watching how you play if you do an foul he will stop you and may disqualify you from the match and there needs a standby player which can cover someone. Bowlers are found in different qualities from a fast to a spinner which does some varieties so the other one misses it and he gets the wicket.

EA Sports Cricket 2015 Game Play:

EA Sports Cricket 2015 Game Download

Free Game Download Cricket 2015 For PC

Download EA Sports Cricket 2015

Cricket 2015 Game Full Version Download

System Hardware Requirements

Processor: Intel Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB 
VGA: 256 MB
ea sports cricket 2015 game


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