Stick Cricket 2018 Game Free Download for PC

Stick Cricket 2018 Full Version Game

Stick Cricket 2018 Game Free Download for PC

Stick Cricket 2018 PC Game Download has now been released for Windows 7 and Windows 8 as the free download. The Stick Cricket game is available for different platforms including Android, iOS, iPhone and Symbian phones. This online game has many modes including single player and multiplayer as well. It is straightforward to play and only needs a keyboard and a mouse for the control movements. Stick Cricket games are based on 3D and 2D graphics which do not require high specifications.

Just like other Cricket Games, it has stadiums, grounds, countries and famous cricket players who have won many matches. You do not need a high-end CPU to play Stick Cricket on your PC it is based on a web browser application game. There is a map in the PC Game which shows where other player's position is and what is their post. There is some score you have to chase to win from the opposite team. You can change the settings and graphics quality at any time. 

Stick Cricket Game Free Download

Stick Cricket 2018 Installation and PC Gameplay

It is straightforward to score high in this game, but there are difficult situations as well where you will have to meet certain deadlines like in Cricket 16. All great teams from many different Asian countries including Indonesia, India, and Pakistan are available to choose. 

Screenshots of Stick Cricket 2018 Game

Stick Cricket Download For Windows

Free Stick Cricket Download

There is a time as well in the Cricket Game which is limited, and in this period you will have to do your best and win the tournament. There are two indicators on the top left and right of the screen which indicates the score and field as a map. 

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System Requirements and Download Stick Cricket 2018

  1. CPU needed is from Intel and needs to be Dual core
  2. RAM minimum of a 513 MB
  3. VGA can be from Nvidia or Intel HD
  4. Space required to download the game is 4.0 GB
  5. License: Demo Version
Stick Cricket for PC


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