VLC Media Player Free Download Full Version

VLC Media Player Free Download

Vlc media player is a software which plays different types of audio and video formats this is the most popular media software out in the market and its free. The software is available for free download in full version setup the owner and company are very proud about this software they have made because it has so many features and supports so many videos from high quality to low quality the software doesn't require that much computer processing power just normal basic specs should work for it to work properly. I've been personally using and i am using this media player because it's the best you can find out there to download for free.

It has a simple graphical user interface and user friendly it is very much it gives a new amazing sound to your speakers and makes you feel that this is a new sound card or something new inserted into your computer or laptop it works both for laptops and net books as well and makes the sound double if its three bars it will make it four bars and the sound will go up higher then normal and the sound is more beautiful it has many features for videos like you can have full  screen video play back which is very unique in media players that are free and this one offers it for free which is very good thing from the company they have a logo of road sign to mark VLC. 

It is rated five stars in every review that someone has done about this software and i am also going to give it five starts to the software because it's amazing and allows and has so many features that are very useful in media players which others don't offer and they do and it's really easy to use you can stream videos directly from it just by adding the URL in it and buffers and plays it without a thing but it requires internet for streaming and watching videos from the web in it. The software is available for Windows, Linux, Android and Apple mac devices. I will recommend you guys to give this software a try because it's the best out there you will find.

The media player uses a very high class developers company have hired for them to develop the media player and to release new versions of it because the company now has become so big that they need to employee more people who can manage their work because every day there are so many downloads so that's why they needed  to hire more people to work for them and to help the company develop more features and to make the softwares as good as possible outside for their users. More options and menus are added in their new releases every time new comes out.

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Size: N/A
License: Free
Developers: Video Lan
Free Download VLC Media Player Full version


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