KM Player Free Download Full Version

KM Player Free Download Full Version

KM player is a media player which supports all formats and is developed for multiple platforms like windows and other famous platforms. This media player playing video software has been out for a very long time and is still famous many people use it because it has many features is allowed to download for free from the developer they have made it as a freeware so everyone can download it and use it as it is the most famous available song player and has many lots of features and programs the km player was developed and released by KM player this is there first software that was developed by their team and it's a big success for them.

KM player supports all video from mp 3 to mp 4 and many more you can't even name if you don't know then you can research it. The main thing is that is a bit little similar like VLC Media Player but has more new things the thing that it is not that much heavy version like KM it is more lite and requires less ram and other essentials. The best media player out there rated by them was KM player because it many feature and many format supports it also was released for smartphones like Android and other there are many other example of software which similar like this are  Lightshot and Adobe photo CS6.

The more you go in the options of this media player the more you gonna find. The main think that you can download for free in full version setup the company as given the software for free and its a freeware. A rare feature because of which it is famous that it is has full screen view option and you can make the screen at which size you want this software feature media player is only available in KM player and not in any other media player which plays this much of formats and supports video file types. KM player has come along way it was released back first version in 10 years ago and now in 2014 it also has a new updated latest and also in 2015 there is gonna be a new release the company said.

Said the downloads which user rated it 5 stars say that this is the best program out there. Media players have come along way since new formats of high definition have come out and videos have come along because of the default media players which come installed with your computer doesn't support it so then the coders and developers of other thought lets make a program which supports these video formats and hen KM media player or called as KM player only was released and first time viewed and launched. The software is freeware you are allowed to download the program there is no trial version or that kind of thing till now its free who knows when it comes premium so download it now for free and enjoy it.
KM Player Full version free download

Software Details:

License: Premium.
Platform: Windows.
Price: Free.
Developer: KMP.
Version: 2014 (Latest).
KMP player free download


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