Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page is dedicated to answer all of your mostly asked questions which most of our site visitors are asking in the comments. 

1. Why is the game not in full setup and is a demo only?

All the games provided here are in demo versions or if not in most cases they are links to author's site which are updated with more information most of the times. 

Providing full versions of games that are paid is breaking the law and not respecting others so that is why does not do that and only provides demo / trial versions and gives credit to the authors. 

2. Why are the software's and Apps not in full setup and is a trial only?

As said above in the games section providing full and paid versions for free is called breaking the law and not respecting the author, respects the author and that is why credits to his hard work and always only gives a trial version of the software / application. We would recommend you to read our Disclaimer Policy and Privacy Policy. Thank you for understanding and sorry for any inconvenience caused. If you want to ask about more questions please leave a comment below.


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