Pokemon Go Free Download for PC

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm because of its features and the use of augmented reality. It is now available for Microsoft Windows. Yes, you heard me right you can now play Pokemon Go on your PC! this is all done by the help of emulators and simulators. It was developed by a group of developers at Niantic, Inc. It works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Users can download it for Free on their computer and play it. There will be support for both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. Players will be able to do a lot with their pokemons, such as catching them, training them and having a battle with other people.

Pokemon Go Free Download for PC

It has not just been developed for PC, there is also Pokemon Go for mobile and consoles. There are many features including hundreds of tricks, tips and hacks that can help you catch the rarest Pokemon of all times. It is based on a how-to model because it evolves simulating the mobile operating system on the computer and then installing the APK version in the simulator, which will allow you to play it on that platform. Each player has a Poke Ball which they used to catch the creatures in the wild. You find them by going to different locations in the real world as they might show you location for some around you. 

Pokemon Go for PC

How to Play Pokemon Go on PC? [Proven Method]

The method is not very complicated but it will require you to have a program called "Bluestacks" which simulates the mobile environment onto the computer desktop. It will also allow players to attach Pokemon Go Plus which is the headset add-on of this game. It is very simple and gives you the experience of augmented and virtual reality allowing you to download extra packages, maps and modes to enhance your gaming experience. Below is a list of all the ways you can get it working without any cost:
  1. Installing it on the computer via the setup that is fully supported on all OS.
  2. Using a guide that helps you to learn all aspects of it during installation procedure.
  3. There are thousands of PokeStops and gyms which you can visit on the map using the AR. 
  4. There are also purchases you can that includes buying pokemons and upgrades for your avatar.
  5. It supports all sorts of devices including laptops and full-sized desktops as well.
Pokemon Go Windows Game

Features of Pokemon Go PC Game

It comes with many uses and there are many tips available in this article that will show the whole features and capabilities of this game on this platform. One useful option is that it allows players to take screenshots whenever they catch or see a Pokemon in the wild. Reports have shown that it is now running on more than 10% of desktops all over the world.

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Free Download Pokemon Go for Windows

Get Pokemon Go for Windows Free. It is one of the most amazing and awesome AR games that you will be able to play in 2016. The system requirements demand a dual core CPU, 2 GB of RAM and 64 MB graphics card.
  • License: Freeware.
  • Pricing: None.
  • Developers and authors: The Pokemon Company.
  • Setup type: Full.
Download Pokemon Go for Windows PC


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