Project IGI 3 The Plan: Free Game Download

Project IGI 3 The Plan: Free Game Download

Download Free Project IGI 3 The Plan PC Game for Windows. It can also be downloaded as a full version game but it needs to be purchased first. It is based on action and stealth genre and comes with single player and multiplayer modes. It is released somewhere in 2015 and has been improved massively and looks very different and clear from Project I.G.I 1 and I.G.I 2

Players can now also save their progress in the middle of their missions, this option was not available in previous versions of I-G-I. It works on all platforms including PC, consoles and mobile phones. A new game engine was used this time to enhance graphics and visuals so it looks awesome as ever.

There were many different types of reviews of this game as it was not properly planned before the release. Project IGI 3 has many different missions and objectives that a player will need to complete until a number of achievements become available. These are the same developers that also made Hitman pc game. But this one is totally changed and has a different story plot. 

The gaming industry has changed a lot since the release of this title as it was the first stealth action based video game for PC. Lots of gameplay options were added to give the users a better overall experience since the last titles were boring and pretty much straight forward.

Project IGI 3 The Plan: Gameplay & Features

It is all about stealth movement as this is what Project IGI 3 is all about. One wrong move in a mission if you make too much noise the mission can be aborted same like in Freedom Fighters 2. The main character is 'Jones' that is a fully trained army men and intelligence person. There is an in-game map system that will show your player's location pin pointed that is actually helpful in locating certain areas when you are on a mission because it saves you lots of time and effort.

Project IGI 3 The Plan: PC Game Download

There are different difficulty levels that you can choose before a mission starts which helps and makes different procedures easier in IGI. There is also online mode that allows you to play with other players that are playing I-G-I 3 from their computers and platforms around the globe. The artificial intelligence / AI is cleverer because it adapts the way you play and the strategies that you have been putting in place throughout whole missions and tasks.

Please Note: This is the latest IGI 3 title from 2016 which includes bug fixes and various performance improvement patches.

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System Requirements of Project IGI 3 PC Game

  • CPU / Processor: Intel / AMD dual core at 2.4 GHz.
  • RAM: 2 GB memory.
  • VGA / GPU: Nvidia or ATi Radeon HD graphics card.
  • Operating System: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / Vista / 10.
  • Audio: HD sound card is required.
  • Ethernet may be required depending on mode running.

Project IGI 3 Game Free Download

Licensing: Free Demo
Platform: PC
Version: you need to buy the full game setup to access premium features.
Developers / Authors / Credits / Source: Eidos Interactive / Innerloop Studios.

Project IGI 3 Game for PC Free Download


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