WWE 2K13 PC Game Free Download

WWE 2K13 PC Game Free Download

WWE 2K13 is one of the most impressive wrestling video games available as free to download for Windows. It also comes in a full version setup that is guaranteed 200% that it will work on PC. It was release first back in 2013 but many new and latest updates and patches have been developed since then. It sparked a lot attraction in the 2K sports and Wrestle Mania. THQ were the real makers that this pc game which is the older version of WWE 2K15. It has career mode and online gameplay, which allows a player to connect to WWE Universe servers and have a fight with other players online from around the globe. The reviews came out really positive as the company was listening to the community for the first time. It is also found as 'WWE 13' which is its alternate name in the gaming industry.

Download Wwe 2K13 PC Game Free

WWE 2K13 PC Gameplay and Features

There were lots of features used in WWE 2K13 as it uses the predator technology engine for visuals and graphics. It is also available for consoles but this particular version is for Microsoft Windows. There are different rings where the fights take place between two members of the WWE community. The latest version of 2k13 is WWE 2K14 and WWE Raw 2014. There are now many improved aspects such as the main menu, settings and installation process. It also has the creative suite which allows full customization of the character, which means you can make your own super star. Also along with creating wrestlers there is also a premium option available to create divas and monsters. It is only available in the full game and not in the demo series.

  • Stunning HD graphics with single player career mode
  • Saves your progress as you move along on the free WWE storage system
  • No high-end system is needed to install this game nor its setup or any files
  • It also comes in high compressed for users with bandwidth limitations on their network
  • Downloadable content is available for upgraded users with custom DLCs and patches
  • Works on Play Station, Xbox and PC platforms
  • Has famous wrestlers like CM Punk, John Cena and Ray Mysterio
  • Also comes for mobile devices running Android and iOS
  • It is the perfect simulator for fighting genre games
  • There is a referee and manager on every floor like a watch dog to see if anyone breaks any rules or regulations during a match
  • There is a big crowd sitting, watching and cheering for you
  • Easy to use and game controller hardware can be connected to the computer
Wwe 2K13 Free Download for PC

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System Requirements of WWE 2K13

  • Processor: Intel or AMD at 2.1 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Graphics: Nvidia or Intel HD
  • Disk space: 2 GB
  • Works on both x86 and x64 environments 
  • OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

WWE 2K13 PC Game Free Download

Below is how you will download Wwe 2k13 (2013) for your PC, which starts very quickly. It comes as free but it's the demo which was developed by THQ. Price varies from retailers and the cheapest one is $12.11. It is full installer of the game for Windows PC.

wwe 2k13 game free download


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