Ashes Cricket 2013 Game Free Download For PC

Ashes Cricket 2013 Game Free Download For PC

Ashes Cricket 2013 is one of the best ever cricket video games that were ever released on PC for free download. Ashes Cricket 2013 is fully available for Windows and also featured an online multiplayer cricket game mode which allowed you to play online with friends and other people. Ashes Cricket 2013 came out in two different versions which was demo that you could download and was free to play, other was full version that was paid and needed to be purchased from store so you can play it with its full features unlocked. Ashes Cricket 2013 also included all the events, world-cups and matches from the year 2013. 

Ashes Cricket 2013 had all the famous cricket teams including English and Australian teams same as the IPL series had. Ashes Cricket has all the features of a modern cricket game for pc such as EA Cricket 2014 and Brian Lara 2007. Players were able to do all of the traditional cricket tricks in the game such as bowling, batting and fielding; it also came with HD graphics which could be tuned at user's preference and the capabilities of the computer. Ashes Cricket 2013 gave updates to its users which was free and added new modes to the games as they came out via the internet. Cricket fans wanted this game so bad that they made so many requests to the company to release the Ashes cricket slightly early.

Download Ashes Cricket 2013 For Free

Gameplay of Ashes Cricket 2013 on Windows PC

This game received lots of negativity on social media and the web before release because of the slow development of Ashes Cricket 2013 at Trickstar Games. Ashes-series was ongoing at the time in Australia and other countries when Ashes cricket game was released. Ashes cricket was based on the concept and release of EA Sports Cricket 2013. Ashes cricket can be played via various different gaming hardware such as keyboard, mouse, touch-screen and joystick. There were many problems and bugs when Ashes was released to the public and the developer team were releasing continuous patches and how-to-fix cricket game error guides. 

Please note: This version of Ashes Cricket 2013 is latest and has updated fixed / patches from 2014 and 2015.

Free Download Ashes Cricket 2013 Game For PC

Ashes cricket requires a serial key which needs to be purchased so that you can install and play the full game and not the trial. The 2013 ashes series were very popular because of the year being so heavy related to release of many famous game titles. Ashes series game works on both versions of Windows including x86 and x64. Ashes cricket was a platform friendly game and was released for Xbox and PlayStation along with Microsoft Windows. There are different stadiums, pitches and teams for every match which can be customized at the start of the match. 

Ashes Cricket 2013 Windows System Requirements 

CPU is required to be at least 1.8 GHz from Intel and AMD
RAM needs to be above 512 MB
Disk space for setup installation is needed at 4 GB
Internet connection will be needed if playing online
VGA / Graphics required from is Nvidia or ATi

Details of Free Download Ashes Cricket 2013 PC Game

License is trial and can be played for free
Platform is PC / Windows
Version is Ashes 2013
Price is $4.11
Developers and publishers are 505 Games

Ashes Cricket 2013 Free Download for Windows


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