WhatsApp APK 2017 Free Download (Latest Update)

WhatsApp APK 2017 Free Download (Latest Update)

Whatsapp Messenger APK 2017 full version download for android. This is a messaging and app which is used for the chat with mobile and smartphones people use this to talk with each other and send photos and videos to each other in full version and free type. This application is widely used in smartphones of Samsung, HTC and Apples I-phone. You download it either from the play store or their website by choosing your platform. It is the free downloaded full version android app which the public enjoys to use it on a daily basis. It requires an internet connection to send and receive messages to Android or other platforms.

Features of WhatsApp APK 2017:

There are more apps like this but the people like WhatsApp APK. It is a 12-month version, but you can buy it in full version format and use it forever on the particular smartphone. Android is the most popular platform. Whatsapp is now owned by Facebook. They purchased the whole company you can download free Android APK. The APK file includes only the messenger but nothing else. It is available for free download full version and just installs the APK for Android. 

There are other apps now that have also been released one excellent example is IMO that has taken the play store by storm. The chat conversations are not encrypted and secure!

New apps have also been released in the Messenger category but whats-app has received massive updates since, allowing you to send any file, song, pictures and so much more similar to Viber APK.

Whatsapp android Apk free download full version

WhatsApp Messenger APK 2017 Latest Download

  • Platform: Google Android
  • Type: Full version
  • Update from 2016 has been added. 
  • License: Free

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