EA FIFA 10 (2010) PC Game Free Download

EA FIFA 10 (2010) PC Game Free Download

EA Sports FIFA 10 (2010) is a new game released by the team the game is based on football simulation which is really extraordinary. The game was developed in early (2010) and released in the same year as the game has many new features including support for windows and play station.  

The game has many new features like world cups, tournaments and many football matches in it has the latest new players which just qualified and have been elected by the international football sports agency. As you guys know the game is free to download version but the game is a version you can buy the game there is also a demo version which you download to play you can easily have that version it's like you can say the snapshot of the game.

Thus as already every gamer has tried FIFA game but this also depends on what kind of person you are. Some people like to play the genre of games like shooting, action, adventure and other types. The game has a new core called unreal core 2 which helps the graphics to manage with the graphics processing device. 

Fifa has more versions of the game as well like FIFA 2015 this one is the biggest release as many people were waiting for this to be released and were really excited to see what kind of features will it release within the market. The game has been a gold mine for its company as it has attracted many new gamers towards it. They know now that this game developer is releasing really cool games on sports and racing type games.

EA FIFA 2010 Game for PC Features

As you can see the new players or the new guys which are playing know have the movement and all the same thing the face the body as the real character it moves same like his and the gameplay he has everything matches. All this is because of that cool gaming engine which the masterminds behind of this game has made and they worked really long time to get it right and to make it working as they thought. 

But still, the game needs a high computer system with a decent graphics card for the game to be played on. All these requirements and needs are because of the high gaming experience you going to receive that's why they ask and the game football FIFA 10 asks you for those requirements like in other games are The Crew they all are really popular releases.

Last but not least the user reviews are really good it has a really good rated on the board as it has so many options that you can play single player and online mode. The game is a really good for practice as well because of you as a real-life if you are playing football you can play the game and make your skills better and win in the game. 

You will need to make an account on EA's website to save all your data of the game and if you won tournaments they all will come up on the FIFA website with your name and number of matches you played. This feature is same as that of other games have but this one only supports EA FIFA 10 and not any other so only one which it works on is the one. The option is also available in EA FIFA 15.

Download FIFA 10 PC Game full version

EA FIFA 2010 Game Setup Download Details

  • License: Premium
  • Version: 10
  • Platform: Windows
  • Price: £2.91
  • Developer: FIFA

System Requirements for EA Sports FIFA 10 (2010):

  • CPU: Intel Quad core 
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Graphics: 1 GB Nvidia or ATI
  • Space: 16 GB
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

FIFA 10 2010 PC game download free

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