Call of Duty Ghosts Windows Game Free Download

Call of Duty Ghosts Windows Game Free Download
Call of duty ghosts free download the full version of game cod is one of the most famous action shooter game developed in the history of gaming it was developed by a game developer called EA Electronic Arts. The company is very professional in developing games and software's they released the game for multiple gaming platforms such as Sony Play Station, Microsoft Xbox it has a high variety of graphic visuals for which to run you need a really high end computer system in which you have a graphics card installed.a speedy processor is also required to load the heavy maps and to install the game.You can buy the game from any games seller in your local area.
The game play  is very interesting the game has different modes from which you can choose to play single player or to play it online but to play online first you have to complete the single player missions and then you go on to unlock other levels in the game as you see below in the photo.
Call of duty Ghosts Multiplayer Online Game play
There are different servers and rooms which you can choose to enter in the game there are points given to every player when they finish a match they are playing the points are given to them and it depends on how well they played in the match how many enemy's they have eliminated and things like that there are different matches like Free For All, Capture the Flag, Team Death Match, Search & Destroy, Sabotage and more.

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System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Quad Core 2.4 Ghz
RAM: 4 GB 
Graphics:1 GB Nividia or ATI
OS:Win 7/8
free download call of duty Ghosts pc game full version


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