Wwe Raw 2014 Free Download Pc Game

Wwe Raw 2014 Free Download Pc Game
Wwe raw free download as full version is a windows and xbox fighting pc game developed by THQ.The game was released for multiple platforms to be played on it was released for Microsoft windows and xbox.The game can be downloaded as full for free for their official website or you can buy the dvd of the game.The game was released after it was a tv show before but was true the company thought to make a simulation game on the show and they made it and it got a big hit and made the developers company very famous and gained very good reviews from its users and gamer's the game then got a very good place in gaming history as well as the characters in it.

The Game play of wwe raw is fighting as same as in the tv show the players and the fighters are the same it has different game modes you can play as in the real show and you can play them it has cage fight and team match last man standing and many more the game has very good visual and graphics quality sound there are crowds watching you play how you play they clap for you and cheer for you when you do good there is a also a match watcher how you play knows as a refree.He decides if you do something wrong or not and can also put you out of the match if you play unfair according the rules and then you go disqualified the game has many different key and control options.

Wwe raw 2014 free download full for pc

Wwe raw 2014 free pc game

System Specs:

CPU:Intel Pentium Dual core or better
RAM: 1 Gb or better
VGA: 512 Mb Nividia,ATI
wwe raw 2014 pc game download


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