Freedom Fighters 2 Free Download Full Version

Freedom Fighters 2 Free Download Full Version

Freedom Fighter 2 is a free windows shooter action game. Freedom fighters 2 free download full version for pc freedom fighter was published and released by EA Electronic arts PC Games. Freedom fighter 2 was developed for multiple platforms for Windows, Xbox, Play station the game has two modes you can choose to play from either you can play single player, or you can play multiplayer online with friends or with other players you need a good internet fast connection to play online without any problems Freedom fighters have different objectives in the game you need to play and complete them to reach the next level of the game and clear all the rounds. The game has some impressive graphics it has a very high-resolution support core engine the game has high-quality graphics details and motion blur color graphics and has high-quality sound effects and day and night sky looks very original in colors effects and sounds and visuals.

Gameplay and Overview of Freedom Fighters 2

Freedom fighter 2 is a very challenging game it challenges the player to complete many different challenges you need to finish you need to take training before you can go in real missions in the game you are also given training to hold a gun shoot with different types of guns and hold how to run with a gun and aim with it you have to pass separate objectives after learning all these training's you are now free to go in the busy warfare of the game and fight with other enemy forces to win over your land back and put your flag up again and win the combat you also have body armor on you that saves your life sometimes in the war but you still need to defend yourself from enemy gun shots and enemy helicopters tanks and enemy vehicles and RPG machine guns there are also famous guns in the game like AK 47 and many different others. All the missions in the game are held in Russia against the Soviet Union the Russian army.

Freedom fighters 2 free download full version

System Requirements and Download:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Or High
  • RAM:1GB
  • HDD:5GB
  • VGA:128 MB Nvidia, ATI
  • OS: Win XP,7,8, Vista
FreeDom Fighters 2 Full version free download


  1. 100% its my best game ever played.

  2. Your welcome guys did you play the new release of freedom fighter? let me know if it comes out.

  3. Replies
    1. It is very easy to get freedom fighter 2, just follow the article above and you should be fine. :)

    2. pls snd me the link to download this game

  4. pls some one send me the link to download this game.........

    1. Here you go and enjoy playing: http://www.softwareabyss.net/2014/05/freedom-fighters-2-free-download-full.html

  5. You can get FF 2 full setup from above link which has just been updated recently.


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