Battlefield 4 Free Download PC Game

Battlefield 4 Free Download PC Game
Battlefield 4 free download is a game for windows that is based on a gametype called what is first person action and a little shooter game that is developed and published by EA Games.You can buy the game as full version from their website or order an dvd of the game and play it.The game was released for multiple platforms to be gaming on the game was published and released for Microsoft windows,play station,xbox 360 and play station 4.The game is based in different countries the player plays the role of a soldier  and fights in the war zone with his other team mates and completes the mission or which objective he has to complete and the game saves itself at certain points while you are playing.

The game has different maps and missions you need to complete and go on to the next level of the game without completing the old missions you cannot procced on to the next level of the game and complete or finish the objective part of the game.Battle field 4 was released after its old version called Battlefield 3 the game was and is also a famous 1st person shooter game for windows it is also played still their are players who still play Battlefield 3.Battlefield 4 has two game modes one is single player and the other one is multiplayer both the modes are very different from each other because they have opposite systems and maps.In Single player mod the user completes only the missions and objectives which the game gives.and in multiplayer you can play online.

You can Choose your own gametype in multiplayer mode thier are different servers in which you can play.Each server has its own settings softcore or hardcore and its type of game mod.Every server holds an admin which monitors the server that everything is ok any player has no problems connecting or disconnecting to the server the admin helps the player in all ways that are positive he knows.Battlefield 4 has high level quality graphics and sounds visual effects the player feels like he is in a real war.In Battlefield the game the soldier is proper dressed up like a soldier and going in the field of battle.Helicopters and fighter jets are flying in the sky and defending the game.

Battlefield 4 Download Game

System Specification:
CPU:Intel Quad Core or good.
RAM:4 GB or more.
Graphics:2GB Nividia,ATI.
HDD:30 GB.
Battlefield 4 download game for windows


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