GIMP Free Download Full Version

GIMP Free Download Full Version

GIMP is a free image editing software. It is similar to Adobe photoshop . Adobe is not free you this one is free and does all the same work as adobe photo shop's full version does. Although it is not that much powerful but does the job done. It looks like a more basic type of software but the tools which you find here are premium. Gimp was originally developed for people who are not able to afford high prices of photoshop because photoshop is an advanced piece of equipment and only used by professionals.

Gimp is used for teaching purposes in colleges and schools it is used by teachers to teach the basics of image editing. This is the full version as there is no other version of it releases which is premium it has all the tools you need will do the job for you it also reads and edits files from editors which are edited by them. It is same based on the files which image editing software needs although this one is the best out there to give a try before paying a price for premium products.

Features of GIMP Software

The image editing thing has come a long way from when big actors have got their photos taken and wanted to look good then there was photo/image editing getting born. Big software developing companies thought lets something that would be able to give a new life to these images so then they made this software and many others after that was developed but very less had success in this all makings of applications and software.
Image editing GIMP software free download
GIMP Free Download Full Version
Gimp also gives tutorials for new beginners who start photo editing videos on "how to" edit download and all sorts of things. The main purpose of this software was that for people who are on low budget and can't afford expensive software's for editing images this was then created giving access to all the tools which are available in the latest and most advanced studios this software has it and can help you learn. Some example of image editing software is Adobe photoshop CS6.

Newest photo editing software that has hit the market is PhotoShop CC 2017 from Adobe Systems that is amazing when it comes to photo manipulating.

GIMP Software Details

  • Type: Image editing 
  • License: Freeware
  • Version: latest
  • Developer: Gimp 2016.
  • Platform: Win7/Win8

Gimp free download


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