Metal Slug 3 Free Download Full Version PC Game

Metal Slug 3 Free Download Full Version PC Game
free download metal slug 3 pc game full version for windows the game is based on fighting shooting style rude game the game was released by SN-K corporation the game is very popular in Asian countries and Europe as well the game is very lite and does not require high end gaming system requirements you can use normal on-board graphics to play the game the game is very easy and has levels that you need to complete the game was also available later on the other gaming platforms like play station 2 and XBOX 360 the player character in the game has to complete the game through passing some checkpoints and completing all the objectives in the game.

The game play of metal slug 3 is very similar and uses the same game engine used in the old metal slug versions that were released before 3 came out it was a very big success for the company the company had achieved their goals which they though they would in the game their are also different types of vehicles their are helicopters planes and tanks and jeeps which are used in war those all are controlled by the enemy players you can also attack by doing a melee attack on the enemy their are also various types of guns and maps in the each level has a different map and different objectives the game has really good graphics for the year it was released in.
Metal slug 3 full version free download pc game

free download metal slug 3 for windows full version
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Computer Requirements:
CPU:Intel Pentium 3 or good
RAM:256 MB or good
VGA:16 MB nividia or ati
full version metal slug 3 pc game free download


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