Grand Theft Auto 4 Free Download Full Game

Grand Theft Auto 4 Free Download Full Game
Grand Theft auto 4 is an Action PC Game Grand Theft auto 4 is also an Open World Game.Grand Theft Auto 4 is free to download full version game for windows.Grand Theft auto 4 was developed by Rockstar North then after the game was developed it was released By Rockstar games the game was released to public in 29 April,2008.The game had won several awards and had very positive ratings from the user who buyed the game and played it.GTA 4 was released for different types of platforms and Gaming Consoles for play station 3,xbox 360 and windows.The game is the 11th Version in the GTA game series by Rockstar.GTA 4 was released after its old release Grand Theft auto Sanandreas.GTA 4 was more successful then Sanandreas and more enhanced in features and Its World Map and Missions.Grand Theft auto 4 (GTA} 4 has 3rd person view in the game like its old game releases.

Grand Theft Auto IV has a more bigger then any other game in GTA history the graphics quality and visual effects are more realistic and the games sound effects are like real life like the people in the game are more like real people they act talk and walk like real life like people this is an improvement in GTA 4 the graphic quality has more improved the map is 2 times more bigger then the map in GTA Sanandreas and Vice City.There are new Objectives and missions added in GTA_4 new modern race cars are also added in the game the cars get slowly unlocked while you clear all the objectives and missions and pass through the game.The City in which you play all the Objectives and roles is full of gangs and corruption and people fighting with each other on the streets and all these negative stuff in the game.You can also buy guns for yourself to protect your self in the game ammo is also need to buy.

System Requirements:
CPU:Intel Cor 2 Duo 2.6 Ghz or High
VGA:1 GB DDr3,Nividia,ATI
grand theft auto 4 full download free


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