Counter Strike Global Offensive Free Download

Counter Strike Global Offensive Free Download
Counter Strike Global offensive is a first person shooter action game for windows that only works in online multiplayer gameplay.Counter strike Global Offensive is also called as CS:GO in a short word.Counter strike GO is the 4th release in the counter strike games.The Game Counter Strike Global Offensive is free download.CS:GO was released on August 21,2012 the game had became very famous after its release the game was released for different platforms for windows Max OSX ,Play station 3,Xbox 360.The game's graphics are very high quality graphics and the sound is very much advanced from its previous game Counter strike 1.6.

Gameplay of CS GO:

Counter-Strike-Global-Offensive is most likely the same in gameplay and modes in the game there are the two teams from which the player needs to join the terrorist team or counter terrorist game to play with the player has some objectives which he needs to complete to win from the opposite as well as the other team also needs to do the same to win from the team in CS:GO.There are different game modes from which you can choose to play on like death match,Free For All,Defuse,Hostage,Arms Race etc.The Player can buy the gun of his choice from the weapon store if he has money you need to defeat an enemy to have money in the game and to buy a new weapon.
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Counter strike Global offensive free download

System Requirements of CS: GO

CPU:2.6 Ghz Dual Core or High
OS:WinXp,Win7,Win8,Win Vista


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